Happy Days Gynaecologists Of Peru !

On the night of June 30, 1947, in the Jr. Ucayali center of Lima, 24 renowned gynecologists and obstetricians elected Dr. Constantine J. Carvallo as president of the Peruvian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SPOG). This was on account of academic and humanistic qualities, year after year as distinguished teachers occupied honorable position, currently chaired by Dr. Juan Trelles, in these 55 years SPOG of fruitful existence, has 15 subsidiaries, has organized dozens of conferences, symposia, scientific sessions and we are on the threshold of our National Congress XIV, fruits that honor the memory of the old midwives of the maternity of Lima and the renowned gynecologists Hall 5 of the Loayza hospital. The technological revolution has enriched the practice of gynecology, medium and processes have become complex everyday and thanks to the ultrasound we have restored the vision before we had our fingers (Bajo Arenas) but the technology has not diminished the almost esoteric charm that captivates both young physicians, will be perhaps as Dr. Shing because it gives us the opportunity not only to cure our patients, but to make them really happy or is it because the specialty is combining its flagship act science, art and faith or will perhaps because the lung itself felt in the ‘life in the climax of the reproduction process, that being organic is not longer a stage full of mystic symbolism and fear, where “.. . evil spirits are attracted by the mother’s blood to try and take the woman “(Arnold: Andean Culture), the scene where life intersects with the death in a romance filled with superstitions physiological yesterday, today surrounded by technology, but in essence.