In the scope of the politics of expansion of professional education, the Ministry of the Education, through the Secretariat of the joint of Long-distance education and of the Department of Professional Formation and Technology, launches the program of the School Technique Opened in Brazil (e-Tec). Gratuitous technician through the modality of long-distance education is about an important step for the democratization of the access of the public to education (EAD), with the objective to take courses technician in distant areas of education institutions technician and in the periphery of the great cities of Brazil (MEC, 2007a). The program e-Tec the program if constitutes in two parts. In first the Cities, the States and the Federal District can present proposals of adequacy of schools of basic education, average education and schools techniques so that the same ones host the courses of professional education technique of average level, in the long-distance modality (polar regions of actual support). In the second part, the municipal public institutions, state and that Universities give to education technician of average level (, Centers of Technological education, Facultieses of Technology, Schools Techniques and Agrotcnicas Schools) present its projects of courses to be offered in this modality. It fits to the Ministry of Educao (MEC) to analyze and to select, through responsible commission, the offered proposals (MEC, 2007a). As Decree n 6,301, of 12 of December of 2007, fits to the States, Federal District and Cities, the function to equip the school with all the infrastructure necessary to receive the program e-Tec. This infrastructure is composed of pedagogical laboratories, technological laboratories of computer science, library, resources courses in accordance with offered, classrooms, rooms of educational orientation, anfiteatros and rooms of reading, searches and actual attendance to the pupils and others (MEC, 2007b). The Methods and Tools of Learning In the ED exist a collection of tools that make possible to the pupil a series of interactions in its environment of learning.

Gestacional Diabetes

Monograph presented to the course of nursing of the College San Francisco de Barreiras as requisite for attainment of the heading of Bachelor in Nursing. Person who orientates: Karine de S Macedo ANA ALICE HISSES OF MELO SABRA PROPHET NOVAES SAINTS gestacional Diabetes SUMMARY mentions the intolerncia to it the glucose that is diagnosised during the pregnancy where some women will be able to present this pathology in this period. This pathology has the capacity to provide to some risks and possible problems to the embryo in development. Great diversity of opinions exists on the detention and the treatment of diabetes gestacional, but it has indications of that the hiperglicemia materna either a factor of risk in such a way for the embryo how much for the mother. The attention in the prenatal period of and the puerperal one must include action of promotion and prevention of the health, beyond diagnosis and adequate treatments of the problems that can come to occur in this period. The choice of the Center of Attendance Mulher (CAM) for the accomplishment of this study, if gave for the fact of the gestantes to initiate the prenatal one in the rank of Program of Health of Famlia (PSF) where after the risk diagnosis, are directed, for accompaniment specialized and rigorous in the unit of cited health. The present work had as objective generality to observe the knowledge of the gestantes taken care of in the CAM on diabetes gestacional and objective specific to identify numbers of gestacional case of diabetes, it traces the profile of the gestantes, to observe if these gestantes they in such a way had knowledge of the complications of the DG for mother how much it embryo and to evaluate the assistance of nursing offered to these gestantes of this form the type of study that was boarded was of the exploratrio and quantitative type where they had been part of research 47 (forty and seven women) that they had read and they signed the assent term, as Resolution 196/96 and had answered a questionnaire I contend 12 (twelve) closed questions. It was observed that the interviewed gestantes exactly being carrying of DG did not receive a medical accompaniment and from qualified nursing, with qualification for conduziz them and orient wools under the amounts of visits in the unit of health, and thus guaranteeing its return. Word Key: Nursing; Pregnancy; Gestacional diabetes.

Diabetes Amputations

Still in its article, Celoi Maria Rabbit (2009), tells that: ' ' The socioeconmico impact of the diabetic foot is great, including physical and social expenses with treatments, internments, incapacitaes drawn out and recurrent as loss of job and productivity. For the individual, it brings repercussion in its personal life, affecting its auto-image, auto-esteem, its paper in the family and in the society and, physical limitation will be had, can occur social isolation and depresso' '. The diabetic foot cause suffering, as changes of the style of life and in the quality of life, disabling the patient, many times, to exert its normal activities. Associating, still, high economic-social costs, in virtue of amputations, precocious retirements, loss of the labor functions in productive etria band, absenteeism to the work and the medical and hospital cost. (MAGELA). Data of the Health department (2009) disclose that approximately 63% of the not-traumatic amputations in occured inferior members in the year of 2008, had occurred in virtue of the Diabetes. ' ' The diabetic foot is responsible for significant parcel of the internments of diabetic patients, consisting also in the biggest cause of hospitalizations drawn out in these pacientes' '.

(OPOSSUM, 1998). In Brazil, diabetes mellitus, also is important cause of amputations of inferior members, being a considerable factor of incapacity, invalidity, precocious retirement and deaths you prevented in diabetic patient (SPICHLER, 1999). The diabetic foot, as well as any another complication of the Diabetes Mellitus, can easily be evitvel, demanding of the patient a special and rigid attention to the feet and a series of cares and changes in its style of life, that fits to the professionals of the health to guide, to acquire knowledge and to evaluate the feet of its patients. 2.3 – Cares with the feet. ' ' The care represents a primordial action in survival of all alive being, especially, of the human being.