Anorexia Nervosa

All mental disorders, including anorexia occur against a background of loss of the Logos. Logos – the logic of the whole, this is the logic of existence itself. Logos – is the limit law. This is the same as Lao Tzu calls Tao, the Vedas and Upanishads RHS name: A Space Harmony, where opposites meet and disappear, where two become one, where there is no polarity, where all the paradoxes disappear, where no contradiction can not exist. The fact that Sankara calls Brahmin, Heraclitus calls the Logos. The human mind is logical and that logic is based on polarities.

It's as if you stood on one side of the river, seeing in it the other side – whatever you say, belongs only to this Bank .., but the river flows between two banks, the bank can not be one. The other bank can be hidden in the fog, he could be so far away that is not visible from your position – but there it is. And the other side is not opposed to this because deep at the bottom of the river they are found. This is one of the earth, and they were both accompanied by the river, like two hands or two wings .. The river flows between them, it exists as a harmony of the two banks. But you stand on one side and not see another – do you believe only in this beach, and you create a system of knowledge based only on information about this beach.

United States

Energy drinks, also called functional drinks, have been accumulating space in the hallway of drinks from grocery stores for some time. Popular among adolescents, college students, athletes, and for those with long, hard days, these charged liquids with caffeine have been made with large capital. Used alone, energy drinks provide a boost of energy during the day (and night) and used judiciously is healthy for the adult audience. But for adolescents, and people with certain medical conditions, the combination of these drinks with alcohol is another thing, nothing advisable. A report published in February in the journal Pediatrics online, noted that almost half of 5.448 cases of overdose of caffeine in the United States.UU.

reported in 2007 occurred among people younger than 19 years old. And certain health problems, particularly in children, such as diabetes, disorders of mood, or heart, kidney and liver diseases may be affected negatively by the large amount of caffeine in beverages. There are also some ingredients that can interfere with medicines, such as those adopted for hyperactivity disorder attention deficit and antidepressants. The key is moderation with alcohol, and adding an energy drink, moderation is pulled through the door, to a certain extent.