Fraud Insurance

When you suffer a car accident you can be frightened and frustrated, so the last thing you expect is to worry about do you on your auto insurance fraud during a time like this. Unfortunately, there are many people seeking to take advantage of the situation, either because they don’t want to face higher rates with the insurance company, who were drinking and don’t want to be incarcerated or because they don’t want to face a judicial problem. Of course there are other ways in which you can become victim of a fraud or a scam after a car accident. However, there are some important steps that you can follow if you involved to protect yourself. * Gathers as much information as possible. This includes exchanging information with the other driver to ask for your driver’s license number, and your auto insurance card.

It seeks to obtain the names of all involved and takes some pictures of the damage to vehicles. Don’t forget to get a name, address and telephone number for all the people in the other car. Document of the consequences of the accident. Get detailed pictures of the damage to each vehicle. He calls the police. Whenever there is an accident, make sure you are documented by local authorities. Get a report from police on scene officer or any procedure of your State or locality to have a copy.

Asked the officer what his name. Be careful with the hunters of ambulances. There are people who tell you that will go by a doctor, a lawyer, a crane or a mechanic. Be careful. You can be a victim of a trap. Retain all receipts and adequate documentation. She requested detailed invoices for services you receive, including repair or medical services accounts. Never sign a blank insurance claim form. If you do it could be used against you when it comes time for the recovery of damages and insurance payments. Types of fraud to you understand what makes you auto insurance fraud and what it costs, may you be useful knowledge of some types of insurance fraud. There are normally two categories of fraud and each has its features. Hard fraud. It involves the creation of an event that would be covered by the insurance. This can include things such as: stages or intentional accidents. It includes things like intentional rear shocks, as well as people who ignite your car intentionally. False injury claims. This includes people who actually participated in the accident, as well as others who were not even in the car at the time of the accident. Car accidents in which the demands of the driver who caused the accident gave to the leak. Soft fraud. It usually involves someone that has a legitimate right, but that fills the claim in order to get more money from the insurance company. These examples include: addition of any damage prior to the car on the claim to the insurance company. Conspiracy with the auto repair shop or insurance adjuster to increase the repair estimate. Conspiracy with the medical staff to receive and/or project procedures that are not necessary. Insurance fraud may involve anyone, from the mechanics until claims adjusters. Remains alert on how to avoid that they make you fraud and consider talking to a lawyer, if you require it. Original author and source of the article

Violence Ethics

The perception of violence in response to the evils which brings poor governance society varies from person to person, not only because these are individuals, if not because count with specific characteristics who touched them to load, that imposed them or that of one form or another won them; so a businessman in whose around only extends his empire, a housewife who lives only the happiness of his home, priests and parishioners who come to poverty as an act of God, never expecting some kind of violence by the oppressed sectors. Otherwise, are these groups that generate it; they are the poor, the marginalized, the excluded, causing a Government that should be his world of peace and tranquility. It is very easy to swallow this; everywhere we see messages that violence generates more violence, only that seen upside down: the violence with which begin the oppressed and the violence with which the Government is obliged to respond to them. However, opening her eyes and putting our minds in the land of this country (because we have them toes, all suffer the ravages of a bad Government although many want to seem immune) we will realize how necessary and logical is violence in response to the humiliation, oppression, hunger, fear, insecurity, to despair, to all that what is seen under a Mexican by the simple fact of being here. Of course violence that cries out for social justice is necessary and ethical. We already live in a country eaten by this; I am not referring to executed, slaughtered and others; I refer to those who are victims of violence since they give a first break in this country, for lack of medicines, home, food, etc. that are denied. Of course, then as they say: violence generates more violence. Original author and source of the article.