Hallucinogenic Plant

Rope of the dead or the Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic plant to which are attributed magical powers, during this ceremony are chants and inhale puffs of Mapacho (Green tobacco cigar). In the Ayahuasca ceremony is believed to perceive evil or damage received, this ceremony is a mixture of magic and wizardry of esoteric circles of the jungle of the Peru and Brazil. Warlock Ayahuascero is the curator of all evil that exists between the myth and the legend of the rainforest. The preparation varies according to indigenous groups, populations and medical shamans of each population, each one keeping his secret and having different recipes with different stuffings. Ayahuasca is therefore the potion par excellence of the Amazon world and link between diverse cultures that have in common the individually or in groups consumption of ayahuasca for various purposes, ranging from the healing to what is spiritual in nature or personal revelation. It is also a tool that is showing very useful in certain self-knowledge, and therapeutic approaches and is being studied for some time by doctors, pharmacologist, psychologists and psychiatrists around the world as a tool for various issues, with special emphasis on helping subjects to break with processes and habits harmful to themselves and to others. In fact its use in detoxification treatments and addictions is a fact in countries such as Brazil and Peru by configuring one of the treatments more pointers for drug addiction.

Ayahuasca has shown to be a very effective therapy in the field of Psychiatry and psychology in the treatment of depression and anxiety as well as problems of personality and schizophrenia. Problems which are the same as native traditional doctors treat only with other names such as the fright or fear. Complex pharmacology of ayahuasca, closely related to the existing synergy between various alkaloids, while the low toxicity shown by already numerous and diverse scientific studies will be developing, it is one of the most relevant aspects of this prepared vegetable. The low toxicity and pharmacological complexity will be based on the growing interest in ayahuasca awakens among physicians, researchers and therapists around the world and, at the same time, will also be on the basis of progressive legal recognition of their uses in traditional contexts.


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