Elementary Education Centers

Carlos Lobato. During the week of 20 to 26 was held last April in our town the first medical insurance week insurance companies of health, a very good initiative proposed and organized healthcare plan by Dr. Health insurance is very common in the US, is a health insurance provideroffers a variety of health insurance packagesis an innovative health insurance service companycan reduce your payment on health insurancehas one of the best health insurance plans da Rosario Jimenez Cabrera in collaboration with the Delegation of Health and Sports Delegation HE . Arahal City Council. Also aids the Arahal Health Center, several physicians of the Health Centers of Moron de la Frontera, stops and Coronil and various associations (Association of coronary patients Fibromyalgia Association and Sports Association) According to organizer’s own words, the idea and took time hanging around his mind, but it was not possible to materialize this year and the initiative came about in order to continue to hold in later years slowly improving, as far as possible. Efforts have been made in Elementary Education Centers, sports and leisure activities in different locations of our people (the polygon, Square Log, El Faro, Parque de San Antonio, the urbanization of Torbilla, the family medical insurance Municipal Hall, the fairgrounds health plans …) and had provided an outlet in bike riding and another hike that ended in a paella in the compound, all the neighbors were invited, with a bar to raise money for AIMA, which had individual insurance to postpone due dental insurance to bad weather. In addition, daily, were held in the health plan Plenary Hall of the City Council a series of workshops, lectures and conferences of great interest and quality offered by speakers pretty well prepared for each subject. I was lucky enough to attend three of these and I could see directly the good work of speakers: – Monday 20 was the opening of the week by Mr. Miguel Angel Martin, Mayor of Arahal, D. Francisco Moreno, Director of the Clinical Management of Arahal-Stops, DA M aetna health Jose Sanchez, Health Delegate health and DA Rosario Jimenez, Physician insurance and promoting humana insurance the event. – On Tuesday, 21 there was a group insurance workshop of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and other Pediatric First Aid, by D Rosario Jimenez and his fellow DCCU of Moron de la Frontera, DA Ms Eva Toro, DA Remedios Ramirez and D. Jan Zayas. I could not attend the workshops to have a meeting at my school, but I would have liked enough to perform them. – On Wednesday, 22 there was a presentation entitled Snuff. Addiction and aetna insurance side effects, which gives M insurance plans Carmen Carmona, Medical Health Center of El Coronil, told us very simply and directly, some basic notions about the disease of smoking, the effects that addiction causes and consequences and benefits, short and long term smoking cessation. – On Thursday 23, a workshop in the morning at the Civic small business insurance Center that was the comprehensive assessment of Fibromyalgia, by D Reyes Diez. group health Afternoon in the plenary hall was another great presentation on Alcohol, mental and physical effects. Law on prevention and drug assistance, by Mr. Luis Frias and Da M Rosario Alcala.

Healthy Eco-Cities

Ultra-modern eco-town began to build one of the key developers Leptos Group in the Republic of Cyprus. Smart City – the most significant project cost and scope of the island. During the period of construction of eco-town should provide investors with stable income, and after construction will be a model of urban life. Multi-functional eco-city will be located in the mythical garden of Aphrodite. Real estate development in the area of 520 thousand M2 has already been approved.

Even by European standards this is a very important project. Start this project is given. The implementation of the project is expected to build infrastructure, pension and Neapolis Hospital in eco-complex. Construction immovable property will be conducted in stages. Real estate complex will be sold in the last phase of the construction project. The initial investment in the first phase was about 171 million.

The influence of eco-cities in the economy and Cyprus property will be seen as early as 2018. Naturally, the commercial and residential property in Cyprus will become more attractive after the appearance of Neapolis Smart EcoCity. The Republic of Cyprus is of interest to investors are not alone only stable economic growth results. Favourable geographical location of the island in place of convergence of ways – it is an important trump card in Cyprus. Creating eco-city in applying the most recent advances and the most latest technology – an important contribution to the further development of the regional center of business life. For Cyprus and even Europe is a large and important project. This city is a model for future eco-cities in many countries. World interest in green technology is still increasing, so the smart city can provide excellent opportunities for investment in business services, health and medicine, research activities, the construction modern real estate. Provided for the construction of multipurpose smart eco-complex. The idea of the city combines high-tech, clean environment and high level of comfort in the city. Most role for protection of ecology, production and livelihoods will have a minimal impact on the environment. At the heart of the design property – maximum convenience. Smart EcoCity will be built on a centralized infrastructure. The complex infrastructure projects to the application of digital technologies and clean technologies in the future will allow the operation of public and residential real estate to create minimal impact nature. Important new products of eco-complex can be noted with an autonomous intelligent search engine from the premises of a local area network smart city network engineering facilities with water saving system resources, energy, generation of electricity from solar and geothermal energy. This brand new property in Cyprus. Construction EcoCity to the park and excellent health medicine promotes the development and promoting medical tourism in Cyprus. Will be placed before missing on the island of specialized medical practices. International Business Center, an English university, shopping center, park, offices, Research Center, along with other real estate will become part of Neapolis Smart EcoCity. Unity healthy environment with recreation and leisure, business environment, scientific advances, education makes an important complex for the Mediterranean region.

Natural Medicine Lezaeta Footsteps

His most important, natural medicine available to everyone, has become a classic of naturalist school, global circulation. In 1989 he confirmed as the book most read natural medicine in Latin America, with 13 ions sold in Chile, 13 in Argentina, 35 in Mexico, 6 in Spain and 5 in Portugal and Brazil. It is also published in Italy, England, France, USA and Germany, and by 1989 it had 148 ions around the world. Among his other books highlights of your eyes The Iris reveals your health, other writers have published works concerning Lezaeta as La Cocina de Lezaeta Irma Hernandez Montiel and Natural Medicine Lezaeta Footsteps of Joseph Bueno de la Rivera.


I do not know because September speech as if everything began again, but is thus seems that the year begins twice in September and December, is a strange sensation as if somebody had decided to divide the year in two parts. It is rare but it is thus, and it passes always this year the curl seems to be harder to take than long ago, the heat continues tightening hard, there everything follows its course the crisis follows and all this more or less in its place. The visit to has made me to the dentist see that the city little by little recovers its pulse everything returns to its place, the city has personages of most many-colored than they give something him of color. Although the lowered blinds remember in what situation we were, the life follows arranged there to be lived, although the government don’t mention it does not find out and the house charity this flood of people as if he was a commercial center. The posters of discounts invite to enter the premises that long ago had great affluence of people, while the luxury stores also throw the closing. Nobody escapes to the crisis, a ghostly building to means to do is sample it signs and impassible, it was going to be a great anthill of floors that nobody knows if it arrived to take form.

Perhaps a man watches kind the mass of cement that lacks life, is thoughtful there is one on which he hoped to live there or some near relative. It decides to follow its engrossed way in its thoughts, two executives seated in a bar worry a beer while, they speak of little who have sold their companies this year and one says to him to the other, calm nothing is eternal. Itself my way observing the city, from way to house after the dentist is glad to mainly see me by his consultation and of knowledge that took two teeth to me and so its portfolio filled, also the complaint from which today four patients only came to their consultation and that everything is bad and to think that my dentist I am called exaggerated when it comments to him that the crisis was not a product of my imagination, fruit of my work in the radio or my writings. Until recently even it found me with people who denied the crisis and alarmist and tremendista or something called to me worse, until my aunt the one of the beauty cabinet that was conceited of the solution of their clients, have begun to also notice it and that said to me that it was lie and that was an exaggerated one, pessimistic and little less than everything was product of my imagination, little by little all are being on the awares. The reality is crude and is there to another is called on to us to chew it by which they refuse to do it.

Vatican Library

Even your Freudian your cabin boy, your Adlers absolutely sick, not only conventional psychiatrists, but the greatest of them – are sick and pathological. I'll tell you something, so could you feel that when someone mentioned the death, Freud began to tremble. Twice he even lost consciousness and fell from his chair just because someone was talking about the mummies in Egypt. He lost consciousness. At other times Jung also spoke of death and cadavers and suddenly began to tremble, fell and lost consciousness. If death is so terrible for Freud, at that time talking about his students? And why death is such a fear? Can you imagine the Buddha who fear death? Then it is no longer the Buddha.

Jung said that many times he wanted to go to Rome to visit the Vatican and especially the library, Vatican Library, the largest, which stores the most secret writings ever existed religions – is a rarity. But each time he was buying a ticket, he began to shake – just a trip to Rome! What will happen when you set out to moksha. And he handed a ticket and come back. He was never in Rome, ever. Many times he tried, and finally decided, 'No, I do not I '.

From fear? Why would a psychiatrist be afraid of a trip to Rome? Because Rome – a symbol that represents the religion, and this man. Jung, created around the philosophy of the mind – this philosophy is afraid falter. It's just like a camel afraid to go to the Himalayas, because when the camel runs near the Himalayas, he first learns that he is – nothing.

Lebanese Hospital

The team of nursing, and responsible for the assistance in integral period, has important performance in the Prevention and control of the risk of infection for this small farm, the microrganismos even go since an inflammatory picture not associate to the infection a septicemia picture, with comprometimento of the general state of the patient, causing until the death (13) According to QUESADA, et al, 2006, this demonstrates that beyond the concern with the relative customer to its prognostic, it must be observed that after an infection has an increase in the permanence of this patient in the unit of intensive therapy generating medication costs and invasive Monitorizao. Therefore the training of the nursing professionals who manipulate these catheters daily, and the existence of rigorous protocols of cares, has made possible the reduction in the risks of infectious complications (3). In accordance with Lebanese Hospital (2004) 6.

The occurrence of the complications is related the errors technician, being that most common they are the multiple puno attempt, the inadequate positioning of the patient and the accomplishment of puno in urgency situations, For this reason praised the use of techniques to seldinger as described to follow: Patient in decubitus dorsal horizontal line with lateral rotation of the head for the opposing side of the Paramentao procedure of the professional with cap masks surgical laudering of the hands with brush and rank of barren apron and gloves; Asepsis of the skin enclosing the extensive area and rank barren De Campos protecting the place of the puno. If necessary to sedar the patient, Infiltration of the skin and deep plan with lidocana 2% without vasoconstritor. With the needle of to the anesthesia, to try to locate the vein to be punched; Puno of the vein with needle 18G of 8,0 cm, length keeping? if negative pressure in the piston of the syringe. When it will have refluxo of blood, to detach the syringe from the needle, to introduce the wire guides with the extremity in ‘ ‘ J’ ‘ for the needle for approximately 20 cm they exist joint of catheters whose syringe makes use of central orifice for where if it can.