The Doctor

An optimal hydration from childhood helps to maintain a youthful skin. Misconceptions many people are concerned because they think that they retain liquids and do not want to drink water. But a healthy person does not retain liquids, the agency they are arranged perfectly to maintain balance and if there is excess liquid increases elimination through urine. It is the opposite, the defect of liquid, what should concern us, since it is more than unlikely that as a consequence padezcamos constipation and more problems joint and tendon, skin looks more wrinkled and suspend it the urine more concentrated and dense, which favors the formation of gallstones, arenillas and up to urinary tract infections. Only in case of renal, liver diseases, heart or highly developed varicose veins can, medically necessary, decrease fluid intake. Another common mistake is to go to the sauna to lose weight.

In the sauna we lose only liquid that need to be replaced immediately. In addition, through this liquid electrolytes and salts that we must replenish lost also. It better to do this is fruit, especially that of orange juice. You must not take diuretics to lose weight. Diuretics not be ingested without the express indication of the doctor, since they cause side effects that must be controlled. The water is not fattening: your excess is removed. But also, do thought that we ingest it to 14 degrees and remove it at 37 degrees and that this implies that we have used lots of energy to heat? Assume, therefore that water not only non-fattening, but that slim. Anyway, on average drink 8 glasses of water, if it is sedentary, that you will make great difference in favour of your health.

US Medical Centers

About 10 years ago, a number of medical centers in the U.S., concerned about the deteriorating health of most Americans and conducting large-scale studies have come to the states close to the shock. Statistical comparison of the available diseases to diseases of other developed countries were not in favor of America, a country where the annual cost of medical services and payments for medical insurance is (unbelievable but true!) one million dollars. 60 per cent of world turnover of pharmaceuticals in the United States should be an indicator of successful treatment and cure of Americans. However, statistical analysis showed – Americans are one of the sickest nations in the world. The basis comparisons of health status in the U.S. were taken statistics in Japan. Admittedly, the Japanese are the healthiest nation in the world and, despite strenuous and stressful dynamics of life in the country, are long lived on the planet (Average age 82). Long and painstaking research into the causes of health prosperous inhabitants of the mysterious island eventually led American scientists, it would seem, to a simple discovery.

But this simple discovery was a bombshell and led to many questions in the scientific community of America. For ease of explanation we present data on the consumption of doses of iodine standards approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and international committees on chemical safety in the 60 and 70 of the last century. According to WHO standards daily iodine intake (RDA) for all the world is – 0.125 mg one-time dose of iodine intake for more than 2 mg identified as toxic and dangerous to life and health of the human body.

Medical Ecology

"YantarYod" – a dietary supplement of broad-spectrum, shown to apply to people of all ages, from small children to elderly people and pregnant women and nursing mothers. Especially "YantarYod" recommended for people living in ecologically unfavorable regions, as has the property that rid the body of toxins, heavy metals, radionuclides and other "toxins". "YantarYod" has a significant advantage iodine-containing drugs to others, thanks to the formula of the iodine technology, and release form in the presence of the product's most powerful restorative components – succinic and nicotinic acids. This comprehensive composition ensures quick pronounced health, restorative and preventive effect for all organs and body systems. "YantarYod" was developed under the state program to overcome the deficit iodine in the population and prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland (goiter), the Kiev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. Marzeev. During the practical application of the product, thousands of people get great results do not only in the prevention of health, but also in the treatment of diseases. The fact that thyroid hormones are involved in all processes of vital activity, and trace element iodine is a substance from which the thyroid iron and produces these hormones. For this reason, iodine deficiency leads to weakening of the functions of all systems, organs, tissues and cells, and this is due to the development of many (if not all) diseases. Turning to the traditional methods treatment, we only remove the symptoms, ie consequences of the disease, the causes of its origin is still intact and in a short period of time the disease again rearing its head.