Any discussion both parties assume that they are right. The ego, pride makes us believe that the other is wrong and we alone are the true owners. In this world there are so poor communication, are handled as many words whose meaning is understood differently, until the silence was interpreted incorrectly and on that basis it reaches conclusions that often hurt the loved ones. The ego also loves the role of victim. It's always the other who offended us, it's always the other who shouted at us, it's always the other who disrespected us, therefore we believe we have the right to offend, yelling, disrespect as a defense mechanism. The arrogance caused by ego prevents us from accepting the fact that the other side might be right. Instead of striving to understand the viewpoint of the other party, seek in our intellect more reasons to sustain and support our approach. One who has more ego, desire to dominate, you want to be the protagonist of each meeting, who want to have the last word in any discussion is ultimately suffer most as they can not detach from your ego.

It's so hard to let go of the ego, and it produces joy. The ego, so that the spirit is not imposed, it invades and creates a kind of dependency. Unit praise, recognition, applause, like knowing needed. In the case of the ego is very strong dependence. The person wears a mask of authority and the chief costume is precisely what makes it very difficult to integrate their love in words and therefore very difficult to be always the master of himself.

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Symbolic The results were organized into categories and distributed in subcategories, addressing concepts and the positive and negative aspects. The results showed fairly substantiality about the practice of interdisciplinary activities and suggested, among sort of activities in the units, the educative ones the most successful in the interdisciplinary work, according you the responses, the educative activities promote lives interaction and interrelationship among the members of the team, community and society. Sip: Health the importance of the work to interdisciplinar in the Team of Health of the Family in the search of an integral attendance Hisses, Claude Leila (FASB) Hisses, Ktia Gabriela de Sales (FASB) Tenrio, Nailton Jatob (FASB) Create pdf with GO2PDF will be free, if you wish you removes this line, click here you buy Virtual pdf Printer Key-words: Interdisciplinarity, Family Health Team. 1,0 INTRODUCTION the interdisciplinaridade has been a perennial concern in the history of ocidente, with roots in the ideas of Plato and Aristotle, in old Greece. In this passage, however it predominates the search for one to know unitary, of global vision of universe, through an unifying science, however directs it specialization of to know and spalling and compartimentizao you discipline of them of knowledge (SON HISSES) 2.

The theory of the spalling of Ren Discardings in the development of modern science became common place in the historiografia of science. Dr. Mark Hyman pursues this goal as well. The representation of the nature from the metaphor of the machine in such a way had deep philosophical implications in what it says respect to the function of the intellectual and scientific work, how much in the organization knowing of them. In the words of Fritjof Capra, ' ' Discardings the conception of the nature gave to the scientific thought its general structure – as a perfect machine, governed for accurate mathematical laws ' ' (CAPRA, p.56) 3. According to this author, the cartesian paradigm, supplanted the vision of world of the Average Age that understood the nature as a organic entity, influencing radically in the way to think and to act of the people with regard to the natural environment. Gina Ross may help you with your research.