Sir Alexander Fleming

The exploits of Daniel Alcides Carrion Garcia Carrion, son of Dr. Baltazar Carrion, Ecuador doctor and lawyer, and Dolores Garcia Navarro, huancaina lady, was born in Cerro de Pasco and had two brothers: Theodore and Mario. 5S years studying medicine at the University of San Marcos at the outbreak of the epidemic that killed mercilessly decimated so many people and nations as known to him. To know more about this subject visit John Craig Venter. After meditations and conversations decides to demonstrate that the wart was the second phase of the same disease (Oroya fever) and in a heroic gesture, humanitarian and scientific decide inoculated with blood infected with the disease. It was Dr.

Evaristo Chavez who injected the sample obtained from scraping the bleeding warts Dona Carmen Paredes, who was dying in hospital, "May 2." From the first days of August, when inoculated, hour after hour was scoring all their sufferings and in the middle of fever, convulsions, vomiting and hypoxia died on October 5, 1885, with few outbreaks of warts. Before he managed to say: "Now it's your turn to continue the work already begun." Noguichi and Battistini, in 1926, discovered and described the bacillus Bartonella Bacciliformis as the cause of this disease and the mosquito as the transmitter verrucarum Phlebotomus. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1929 and this antibiotic kills the disease. Today, besides using chloramphenicol and tetracycline and prevents spraying with DDT. Far from doctors and friends were de Carrion; the Areemlos Mestanza, Odriozola to cure Corpancho and beef soup and wine, goat's milk with auinina based concoctions, camphor, sugar, distilled phenol and valerian.

Patricia Staudacher

Regulation of food behavior with Dr. Weiler flavor toothpaste many people play lots of sports but, making their success but lost her unhealthy diet. Especially strong sugary food are become in recent years a real problem now classic sweets or finished products. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman here. American and German scientists classify sugar and fructose in the meantime as just as dangerous as alcohol and cigarettes. Also Dr.

med. Dent. Matthias Weiler has can watch many times the negative results of too much sweet on his dental chair. Often, his patients want while sweet, just can’t resist but her request. The dentist decided to help these patients: with Dr. Weiler flavor toothpaste. The toothpaste works through a unique, innovative principle: the aromatic effect.

During the dental care reduces the desire with the help of natural and nature-identical aromas sweet. The flavors have an effect when used on and satisfy the desire to Candy so noticeable. Dr. Weiler, who is himself an active sportsman and know the importance of proper nutrition, together with his wife Isabella Weiler developed the toothpaste. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bruce Shalett is the place to go. Care was paramount for the team led by Dr. Weiler in the product development. So, the toothpaste contains only ingredients that are approved under the German and European cosmetics Act and according to the German and European food law. In a placebo-controlled double-blind study, as well as a three-month study of course of, the efficacy of the product it was also tested. The result: The toothpaste reduces the desire at more than 90 percent of users demonstrably sweet. The aroma and taste of the toothpaste were the users feel very comfortable (scale of 1.6). 90% Of users would recommend Dr. Weiler flavor toothpaste. Due to the diet resulted in significant weight reductions (6.8 kilos in three months). In the past 50 years has become global consumption of sugar tripled. This is the cause of dental diseases for many people and may be the beginning of various metabolic diseases such as obesity, obesity and diabetes. We offer our clients a toothpaste with a yet unprecedented added value. The scent of our flavors produces satisfaction and well-being. So everyone abandoned like sweets”, says Dr. Weiler, who runs a dental practice in Nuremberg. Of course, maintains the toothpaste produced 100 percent in Germany also the teeth and protects against dental caries, periodontal disease, and Tartar build-up.

United States Femto

Femto LASIK is the most modern form of LASIK is waived when applying a cutting instrument. The Femto LASIK is an evolution of the original LASIK surgery and can be used for all those who feel restricted by their visual impairment in quality of life, provide a permanent solution to address their poor eyesight. Those that are permanent by wearing a pair of glasses or contact lenses embossed for many years, will know the hopeless feeling, which plagued many of the persons concerned. Although some people consider wearing glasses even as jewelry, you can’t speak yet by the unrestricted exercise of everyday life. First and foremost for those who play like also sports, the glasses quickly becomes a factor of exclusion and also contact lenses are not a permanent solution.

Therefore, think more and more Sehgeschwachte about a long-term resolution of the aforementioned and encounter eyes lasers here that. As also the conventional LASIK method, are at the poor eyesight corrected the Femto LASIK using a laser. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. oftentimes addresses this issue. The Femto LASIK is the most modern method of eye of Laserns and is performed throughout Europe since 2001 in the United States, and since the year 2004. The original LASIK method was modified insofar as that is well prepared with the Femto LASIK the so-called ‘flap’ the thin layer of the cornea with a laser. Apart from the Femto LASIK surgery follows the conventional procedures. The femtosecond laser used is an infrared laser, which exerts its effect in the cornea. These lasers work in a more precise way and as a result more accurate results by is eyes lasers.

Through this so-called Femotsekundenlaser, surgical risks such as cutting errors and cut complications are now almost impossible. This that now is the so-called ‘flap’ without touching, reduces automatically also the risk of infection during surgery for such. The most important in considering a Femto LASIK is a thorough preliminary investigation at the first of all, it is determined if you come at all for such an operation in question and also, what concrete results from such a derogation are expected.

Awareness Learning

Find the way back to the own balance. Burnout package yet as fad and imagined illness in the digital age will be devalued by some people. That is incorrect. The Burnout Syndrome is a disease of modern times, but in no case a fad or even imaginary illness. For many people, the fast pace of the present time, the enormous requirements in everyday and professional life, but also a existential fears and worries cause burnout.

You feel dull and empty, no longer provide the services requested by you, and are often hopelessly with a tendency to depression? Then the Burnout Syndrome in you is already highly developed and you should not ignore it and see. Learn mindfulness and pay attention to important signals of the body keep you from being of burnout and to notice your condition, if you are in the midst of the crisis. At Burnout correctly you never suggest early warning thinking that does Burnout before you stop and affects other people. Each man can by various events in the life on burnout and loss so in performance and quality of life. Many times, people with high professional standards are affected, so that the Burnout gladly Manager disease known as syndrome. But also in other occupations not less the symptoms and cause that you are taken as affected by weakness, headaches and nausea, as well as acute performance degradation. Your body sends you clear signals of overwork, get shorter and learn say to no. The main problem why Burnout is gaining ground more and more due to it that you have forgotten how many other people in the community, even to say no. According to Geneticist, who has experience with these questions. You recharge generally more tasks and do not feel how the burden of forcing you to its knees. Don’t jump up for any colleagues, do more work, do not overload himself in the profession and take even time for themselves – you will avoid burnout and does not belong to the person concerned.

Fast Food

Now, feeding by nature is normal. The problem: What, and with how much I feed a child? Today one speaks openly of the long-term risks for overweight children: Fast Food, sweet Drings and hours sitting in classes and on the computer cause I + II, high blood pressure and diabetes. But what is the deeper reason for the childlike (lifelong) overweight (obesity)? An early false food preference in childhood causes lasting dangerous eating habits. Bruce Shalett contributes greatly to this topic. Vitamins are indeed healthier, but calorie taste better!” The actual dangers are industrially produced food with lots of invisible fat and sugar/carbs today: because they get addicted! Because the quantity and the product composition are difficult to detect. > Food refers to food that mainly serve the human consumption. The so-called food are equivalent. Others including Bruce Shalett, offer their opinions as well. The border is this blurred. In the Past attempted to distinguish between food and beverage dogma on the basis of the material benefits for the body (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, etc.) or of the physiological value of burning.

> Carbohydrates or Saccharides, which include in particular the sugar and the strengths, form a biologically and chemically significant class of substances. As a product of photosynthesis sugar formation, carbohydrates make up the bulk of the biomass. Mono-, di – and polysaccharides (such as starch) put together with fats and proteins protein the quantitative largest recoverable and non-recoverable (fiber) portion of the food. In addition to its central role as a physiological energy they play as support substance above all in the plant Kingdom and in biological signal and detection processes (such as cell cell recognition, blood group) an important role. Natural carbohydrates: the monosaccharides (simple sugars, such as glucose, fructose), industrial carbohydrates: disaccharides (Double sugar, such as granulated sugar, milk sugar, malt sugar) and oligosaccharides (multiple sugars, such as raffinose) are soluble in water, have a sweet taste and are referred to in the narrower sense than sugar.

Complementary Medicine

In this perspective we work inside with a concept of health constructed of societies that, beyond the production, possess certain forms of organization of the daily life, the sociability, the affectivity, the sensuality, the subjectivity, the culture and the leisure, the relations with the environment, and before, resultant of the set of the social experience, individualizado in each to feel and lived deeply in a body that is also biological (). The World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) comes stimulating the use of the Traditional Medicine/Alternative Complementary Medicine/in the systems of health of form integrated to the modern techniques of the Medicine Occidental person and that in its document Strategy of the OMS on Traditional Medicine 2002-2005 it praises the development of health politics observing the requirements of security, effectiveness, quality, rational use and access (3, 4, 6). It enters the new strategies in search of this completeness, the Health department, through Ministerial Portaria N 971/GM, of 3 of May of 2006, approves Practical the National Politics of Integrativas and Complementares (PNPIC) in the SUS, pointing as main practical the Acupuntura, the Homeopatia, the Fitoterapia, the Termalismo and the Antroposfica Medicine, among others therapies of harmonization body and mind (3, 4, 6). Practical Integrativas and Complementares (PIC) are techniques that aim at attention to the health of the individual, either in the prevention, treatment or cure, considering it as mind/body/spirit and not a set of isolated parts. Its objective, therefore, is different of those of the aloptica assistance, also known as medicine occidental person, where the cure of the illness must occur through the direct intervention in the agency or has broken sick person (7). The PIC have reached a bonanza development in the last few decades. Other people’s to the lack of scientific evidence of many practical and to quarrels between doctors and other professionals of the health on which categories are apt to use them, a great parcel of the population of many countries come adhering to these forms of treatment.

Creighton University Medical Center

Four cousins in the car were trapped inside the wreckage and firefighters used the Jaws of Life get them out of the vehicle. Audrey Stubblefield, 27, was rushed to Creighton University Medical Center in critical condition, where she later died from her When it comes to setting up Democrats to give away Social Security and Medicare, the Bowles-Simpson Commission is the diabolical gift that keeps on giving. Long officially defunct, the BS Commission is a zombie that just won’t die. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Craig Venter by clicking through. Four cousins in the car were trapped inside the wreckage and firefighters used the Jaws of Life get them out of the vehicle. “Audrey Stubblefield, 27, was rushed to Creighton University Medical Center in critical condition, where she later died from her My jaws are tired.” Mississippi State senior running back Vick Ballard, asked if this was the most talking I’ve ever done in one day in his life. “I m a Florida guy.” Gainesville, Fla., native Will Muschamp on what it’s like being a Georgia guy Four cousins in the car were trapped inside the wreckage and firefighters used the Jaws of Life get them out of the vehicle. See more detailed opinions by reading what John Craig Venter offers on the topic.. Audrey Stubblefield, 27, was rushed to Creighton University Medical Center in critical condition, where she later died from her

The Medicine Propaganda

how much to the validity stated period, the interviewed ones had informed that all meet inside of the date of validity, however when asked on the sales forms all had answered that fracionados vendem, and as they can verify the date of validity of a medicine that had its cellophane cut in pieces? The pharmacies need a series of authorizations and license to function as local of medicine sales, however the visited places did not have no authorization to function as peddling of medicine, much less had received visits from the ANVISA. FINAL CONSIDERAES Know that this type of irregular, common commerce has decades in Brazil, continues existing, as well as attempts of groups interested in the release of the sales by means of maneuvers legal politics and. We would like to stand out that in this briefing study we did not have the pretension of depletes question proposal, therefore this would well more demand a deepened analysis. We know that very still it has to say, and our inquiries continue. What we present in this work they are certainly first of many the other comments that still we will be able to make. Our main concern was to show to the population information regarding the irregularities practised in these places (comcios) and to become recognized the prejudicao the health. Therefore our general objective was to verify if these medicines vendidos in inapropriados places are in accordance with the current law. We use for better resulted research of field bibliographical.

We observe that the medicine was transformed into merchandise and is being vendido of as such. Thus the only ones benefited of this practical are the great laboratories, that each time more vende more and profits more. REFERENCES COTRIM, Maria Dulce F. Medicines Citizens the Medical Prescription Are not Of Pharmacies. Coimbra, 2006. Available in: scContentDeployer_pt/docs/doc2273.pdf. Access in: 17 of out.

of 2010. BIRTH, Alvaro. Medicines Are the Main Cause of Poisoning For Toxic Agents in Brazil. Available in: . Access in: 17 of out. 2010. SAINTS, H.C. ; RIBEIRO, R.R. ; etal. Possible Medicamentosas Interactions With Psicotrpicos Found In Patients Of the Zone East Of So Paulo. So Paulo, 2009. Available in: viewFile/546/878. Access in: 17 of out. of 2010. EXTEMPORANEOUS, Jose Gomes. The Medicine Propaganda and the Myth of the Health. Rio De Janeiro: Graal, 1886. ZUBIOLI, Arnaldo. Profession: druggist: now? Curitiba: Scientific Lovise, 1992. APPENDIX QUESTIONNAIRE ON MEDICINES VENDIDOS OUTSIDE OF PHARMACIES 1) Of where comes its medicines? 2) That type of medicines is vendido in this establishment? 3) The most looked which? 4) Exists the responsible druggist? 5) Where these medicines are stored? 6) The same ones were in the stated period of correct validity? 7) Exists some authorization for the sales of these medicines? 8) You receive visits from the sanitary monitoring? 9) How are displayed the medicines for sale? 10) The sales are made in closed or fracionadas boxes? 11) Which the destination given to medicines when loosers? ASSENT TERM I ___________________________________ authorize the spreading of the data yielded in this questionnaire, but I do not allow the spreading of my name, name of my commercial establishment or the address of the same.

Astrological Sciences

Today astrological predictions can be found on many websites, magazines, television programs. Whence came this knowledge? Who gave it to people? Astrology – appeared at the dawn of human existence. More information is housed here: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Most ancient archaeological find – astrological tables Sargon of Egged, estimated four thousand years before Christ. In the history of each of the ancient civilizations can find evidence of knowledge on the impact of planets on the events occurring on Earth. The priests of Egypt, the Chinese sages, Indian shamans in the Americas, the magicians in Russia, the Druids of Ireland treasured and passed down from generation to generation of secret knowledge. According to legend, Sets (third son of Adam) in anticipation of the Flood ordered to erect in Palestine are two pillars on which carved signs of the zodiac and other astrological symbols, so this knowledge is preserved. Noah called the Ark of the astrologer Efilimona with semey. Subsequently, he became the ancestor of the royal dynasty and built the city of Memphis.

Their knowledge of magic iastrologii he gave his son Misraimu. Thanks to his knowledge, was erected the Great Pyramid, which until now is the perfect example of the orientation of buildings in the area. There are many examples from the history of China and India, which emphasize the important role of astrology in the development of these countries. Nevertheless, we are closer to perception european branch astrology huge contribution formation which contributed Greek philosophers – Anaxagoras, Aristotle Pythagoras Platon. "Father" Medicine Hippocrates belong words that "man ignoring astrology deservedly perhaps named fool instead physician ". Astrology played instrumental in Roman Empire came thither from Greece and to IV century AD definitively secured as avowed science. After falling Roman Empire for the European astrology, as well as for math and science education in general is coming 'black' days. Astrology back to Europe just at the beginning of XII, when by decree of Emperor Frederick II were translated from Arabic into Latin work of Ptolemy. They became the foundation on which all subsequent based Western astrology. "Thaw" will last until the XVII century. Then the fires flared up in the medieval Inquisition …