Coal And Its Properties

Coal is an unusual mineral in virtue of the fact that a member of the once-living matter, and secondly, unlike other solid wood burns and generates heat. It is based on carbon and combustible gases – hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen Most of the coal was formed about 300 million years ago, because scientists have called this period the coal. The venue for the formation of deposits were swampland. and other plants crumble into the swamp. There over them carefully "worked" the bacteria resulting in a good organic material, then it is decomposed to give the turf. That over time under heat and pressure sealed turning into coal! Like all processes in nature, it flowed by itself without stopping. We are now reaping the fruits of the colossal work of Mother Nature, and we commend her gratitude in the form of cuts and tilled the mines! But it's the lyrics to the newly Prade sober scientific reasoning. By the same author: John Craig Venter. Now identify three types of fossil coal.

They differ from each other by the degree of coalification. In its original form is preserved lignite, which is often called brown coal. It contains a small amount of carbon (about 30%), and when burned produces a lot of smoke, ash and stands little heat. But the Lapps of the heat and coal can be distinguished by dull and glossy layer that formed from residual trees and small vegetation. It also delayed soft material resembling charcoal from him hands and get dirty. By the way forgot to mention that this type of coal called bituminous. And the anthracite differs the highest degree of metamorphism.

It is 98% composed of carbon. It is difficult to ignite, but if that will break out the heat, "Mama Do not Cry", and the smoke will stand out quite a bit! Everyone knows that coal is mainly used as fuel. Huge impact on the demand of coal to steel and energy industries. In addition, coal is the raw material for various products. Ammonia, coal tar and light oils obtained from coke production, used for the manufacture of dyes, antiseptics, medicines, detergents, perfumes, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and household chemicals. From coal even get a sugar substitute – Saccharin. Of all fossil fuels Earth mostly coal. Coal is a natural element supporting the comfortable, warm and bright, "the existence of millions, and even Millard life on Earth. Say thank you again, Mother Nature, when in Yandex dial "buy Coal!


It is used in barbecue, barbecue, grills, fireplaces, fireside. And the use of such renewable energy and raw materials such as wood and charcoal, helps reduce Activate-Rosov greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which was noted in the materials of the Kyoto Protocol. And in Russia, in the presence of "green gold" – forests – there are big chances to maintain ecological balance. Birch wood coal use: The real use of it as fuel, burning without flame and smoke, began with the advent of metallurgy. In our time it is used in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy (for aluminum and boron). Just charcoal is used in various fields of human activity in the production of pure silicon, carbon disulfide, glass, crystal, paints, electrodes, plastics, polymers, production of drugs in medicine, active carbon, as well as a fuel in household (specific heat 31,5-34 mj / kg). In addition, charcoal is used for agriculture and animal husbandry. When erecting buildings coal used as an innovative material for hydro, thermal insulation.

And thanks to the excellent adsorbing properties of birch wood charcoal is used for various treatment processes. Derived products from processing charcoal are used for water purification, beverages and alcohol products, and more. In today's world, where there is a constant shortage of free time and there is a struggle for ecology wood birch charcoal increasingly used for cooking – grilled on an open fire: in restaurants, catering and leisure. Charcoal is perfect for cooking a variety of gastronomic specialties, best suited for cooking kebabs (meat, fish, poultry, etc.) used on the grill, grills, barbecue, barbecue, fireplaces, and furnaces of all kinds, including solid fuel fired boilers and systems for lighting otopleniyai samovar.

Pineapple Properties

Sweet, juicy and flavorful – the exotic pineapple on the origin of the tropical forests of South America now grows in the tropics worldwide. Under most conditions Jon Medved would agree. Once you try the pineapple, the taste which I liked, I noticed that I have gone heaviness in the stomach, brush your tongue. But there was an unexpected phenomenon on the lips of blood appeared. It turns out that immature pineapple has corrosive properties, and ripe these properties are lost. Medicinal properties of pineapple, Ananas enjoys a wonderful aroma, it juicy and fleshy taste. The composition of the flesh of pineapple is composed of 15% sugars and acids, fats, proteins, alkaloids. For more information see this site: Bruce Shalett. The pulp and juice of the fruit contains the following groups of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C, E, pp.

Should noted that the composite percentage of vitamin C in the pulp of the pineapple is 40 mg /%, so it shows as a stimulator of the human immune system. Medicinal properties of the fruit is also due to the presence of trace elements and pineapple biologically active substances: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and copper, bromelain, and carotene. Bromelain contained in pineapple, helps our skin to remain young and beautiful, supports vitality. Bromelain acts like a 'chimney sweep', effectively clearing the blood vessels. The ripe fruit of pineapple is used in bad digestion, juice it is a helper in the digestion of proteins, so the pulp and juice of the fruit can be used in diets for depuration. In addition, pineapple juice appointed as an auxiliary means of cardiac patients who suffer from anemia, as well as in the treatment of kidney and liver as a fortifying vitaminized means the flu and cough, and and other respiratory diseases. Pineapple should not take the food to people who suffer from gastritis or gastric ulcer, as well as individual components of intolerance or allergic reactions occurring in composition of the pulp or juice of the fruit.

Chinese Medicine And Pregnancy

The majority of the people thinks that once suppresses the taking of the contraceptives they will be pregnant women of immediate form. The woman always wants to be mother, since she gives an accomplishment sense him. Therefore, even in a very competitive world, where the cost of the daily life is high, the anxiety to conceive a baby day to day grows. Whichever better it is the health in your pregnancy, the healthiest baby will be. The well-being and the health, as much of the mother as of the boy whom the light of the world would be seeing shortly, are of extreme importance. If you are not convinced, visit Bruce Shalett. There are many other factors that affect the cycle of fertility for example: The lack of dream. Your weight and your diet. If you smoke or you drink this it will also affect.

It is of extreme importance that is not consumed drugs intoxicants. Nevertheless, also some problems in the sperm of the men can be produced. In such cases, the ideal is that the men do not release spermatozoa, by a minimum of 3 days, before the day of the sexual union. This information is extremely important in case you it is asking how to be pregnant express. The frequency in the sexual relations It increases the possibilities of conceiving? Among others factors, the correct estimation of the period of ovulation in the women and the physical total set in the men, determine the ideal frequency to maintain relations sexual. There is a thought school that says that the count of spermatozoa falls, by a weakening of the masculine sperm, if the sex is carried out every day. It knows your moment more fertile.

Generally, the ovulation happens approximately 14 days before your next menstrual period begins. This means that if your menstrual cycle is of 28 days, this could cause that the day # 14 is your more fertile day. If yours it is a cycle of 30 days, the day # 16 could be the moment for going for that reason. A cycle of 32 days would be the day # 18 like one of the best days to be pregnant. If there are been using the contraceptive tablets, it can take you from one to two months so that your periods are regulated after to stop taking them. Tomato the temperature every day before levantarte of the bed using a special thermometer called basal thermometer. Your temperature will raise 1 Fahrenheit degree when you are ovulating. Ten sexual relations rather close at the moment at which it happens this increase in the temperature to improve the probabilities of being pregnant. Finally When estes trying to be pregnant is very important to as much eliminate all the medications that can of their routine, as it is possible to him. You want to be pregnant of natural, easy and safe form, Without concerning your age?

Family Health – The Fate Of Folk Medicine

Family – a social unit. According to Miles D. White, who has experience with these questions. A society should be most effective to live and grow, improving the skills of survival, and this society needs healthy cells. Unfortunately, in our modern world things such that virtually every home has a place all sorts of ailments. All suffer – both adults and children, and most often visited by this scourge of older people. In women, common diseases such as breast (she undergo almost 80% female individuals), ovarian cysts, vulva and other equally "nice" of the disease. Men exposed to such ailments as adenoma, prostatitis, testicular tumors, etc. Older people often have the characteristic of their age, disease – sclerosis, cardiovascular disorders, the nature of the exchange, joint diseases, and more.

During difficult periods – late winter – early spring – due to a general vitamin deficiency 'reigns' cold – so-called acute respiratory infection (ARI). And what we do every time you feel unwell? That's right! We go to the doctor to consult and ask the same of what this or that disease. Doctor, rubbing his hands, appoint or costly procedures for clear my conscience prescribes some "magic" pills that should help. The result is a huge burden on the liver and other organs with a short-term results. In my opinion, best solution is to traditional medicine. When more people lived in caves and hunted mammoths and bears hardly any of them went to the clinic, complaining about his or mastitis sclerosis ..

The important role played by modern lifestyle, which are now the majority of people – sedentary or inactive with morning walks to the subway and evening back. From here and taken numerous diseases and rejection even in infants. Grandma's still our did not go to the doctors and were treated on their own folk remedies – teas, herbal extracts, in general, that given the nature itself. And the results are quite good, and there is no burden on the authorities.

Medicinal Herbs

And let food be your medicine … Our ancestors ate everything they could find in the surrounding nature. Those plants that we now call herbs, has long constituted the diet man. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jon Medved offers on the topic.. Only in the last 100 years there was a refusal of food traditions. Herbs longer be part of the diet for several reasons. For the production of agricultural production have been selected plants, common in cultivation and breeding and cultivation in giving the most profit. In this case there was a refusal of many medicinal herbs. In addition, the technology of industrial food production took the path of simplicity, in resulting, for example, to bread stopped adding herbs such as nettle.

In fact, the plants we call herbs – is the source of many essential nutrients. Many of these people can not get any other way except from medicinal herbs. Increase in the number of different diseases in the last 100 years associated with the fact that people are deliberately denied himself to eat medicinal plants, moving them into the category of resources that are used only for treatment. It is not clear to everyone that herbal remedies – this is not a means to an ambulance. This method of natural healing the body and prevention of various diseases.

Herbs simply can not compare the strength of the chemical agents. The effects of most herbal soft, gradual but more sustained and prolonged. They need to take a long time, and in some cases regularly and consistently. Healthy lifestyle and return to the traditional use of medicinal herbs in the diet in the modern world is rather difficult. The easiest way use all the beneficial properties of herbs – to take them in a special supplement or in functional food products. Of course, you can assemble themselves, or grow herbs or use the ones that are sold in pharmacies. Just it takes a lot of time and effort: medicinal herbs need time to collect, properly dried and stored. You decide. The main thing to remember is that herbs – is health for many years. Natalie Rosina