Respiratory Issues

This excess of insulin in the fetus is translated in a series of injuries that altogether they denominate diabtica fetopata and that is caracterisadas by: Macrosoma: It is an exaggerated growth of all the weaves (mainly the greasy one), that it gives like result, you drink of 4 kg or more of weight to the birth When this complicacin is not detected opportunely the resolution of the pregnancy by childbirth can finish in obstetrical complications in drinks the use of frceps eg:, the dislocation of the shoulder or sometimes collarbone rupture. In these cases the cesrea like va of interruption of the pregnancy is preferred. Syndrome of Dificultad Respiratoria (SDR): It is the incapacity to breathe, by immaturity of the lungs of baby, who when she appears must to solve by means of intubation of the medecine administration drinks and that favors the production of the active tense substance (Surfactante), necessary for the pulmonary function. The excess of insulin in predisposes drinks it to Hipoglucemia (low of sugar) during first 24 hours of life mainly if feeding of quick way does not begin to him. Jaundice: It is the yellow-greenish coloration of the skin by accumulation of the bile (hiperbilirrubinemia) due to immaturity of the liver. It is dealt with Fototerapia and when he is slight with constant exhibition of beb to the solar light. Policitemia: It is the excess of red blood cells in the blood, by diminution in the oxygen levels; this conditions the red coloration of the skin of the baby mainly in the face. Hipocalcemia: diminution of the levels of calcium in the blood that can to translate in colvulsiones Other potential risks are the Delay in Intrauterine growth and the delayed Death, that appears between the 38 to 39 weeks (intrauterine Fetal death).

Excess Fat

Excess abdominal fat is a byproduct when the weight is too much, because it is rare to see someone with a big belly and not have problems with obesity. Obesity has become a deadly pest of the century and occurs in many countries worldwide, in some cups reaches almost 40%. This translates into hundreds of millions of dollars a year, lost in the economy and many other medical expenses from conditions related to obesity. Obesity is a medical term given to a condition where the body stores fat to the point that it becomes a health hazard. There are many ways in which people accumulate excess fat and therefore also in the abdomen.

One of the main reasons to accumulate abdominal fat is with a diet high in calories, with emphasis on fast food. Fast food has become very common in many countries because many people do not have time to buy food and prepare themselves. This is essentially because the structure socio-economic functions of demand many people in the time and when they get home, they are so tired to also have to cook. The easier alternative is to frequent the fast food you can buy in restaurants or shops that sell takeaway food. Most fast food restaurants, fried foods and they try not to use trans fats, but they use fats that increase the calories and cholesterol from food. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyns opinions are not widely known. Some foods can have up to 3000 calories in one serving than the total daily calorie requirement according to the website where the food pyramid from the USFDA.

Another reason why people accumulate fat in the abdomen is due to lack of exercise. When one is aware that have diets high in calories and does not exercise enough to burn the fat that accumulates, will inevitably accumulate fat in the abdomen. There are also people who are genetically trend that their bodies accumulate Fat is necessary and if these same people are not attentive to their diets and do not exercise properly then obesity is the next logical step in this process. But for many, the beginning of each year an opportunity to make a firm decision to lose fat in the abdomen and there are definitely many ways which can accomplish this. One of the best ways is getting more exercise. The first step is to avoid making short distances. The culture of driving short distances has to be left and people have to learn to walk to the store if the store is located a little more away from home. Exercises such as running and walking around your neighborhood for a long time can also help greatly in their purpose. On many occasions you can subscribe to a gym time or money. There are also many sporting goods stores that sell exercise machines. Visit these stores and see what machines are good exercises to lose fat in the abdomen. Another way to lose belly fat you eat is to know and make sure that the food buying has the correct amount of calories to not to overdo them. Remember that your good eating habits largely depends on your health, look for more on these topics, look for more.