600 Dry Toilets For Namibia

Water and sanitary problems with dry toilets cause Berlin – the solidarity service international e.V. (SODI) informed on the occasion of the world water week in Stockholm about his project for the construction of 600 dry toilets in Namibia. Francis Collins has many thoughts on the issue. The toilets fundamentally improve the hygienic situation and meet the increasing water scarcity. Every day around the World 6000 children die from preventable diarrheal diseases. They are caused mainly by lack of access to clean water and sanitary facilities. For example, only a third of the population in Namibia has access to toilets. The problem is compounded by enormous lack of water in the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa.

Especially poor people can not afford the cost of expensive water toilets. “Due to the outbreak of cholera in the northern regions of Namibia the need for sanitary toilets in the villages, towns, and rural households has become more important”, Wiebke describes people man by the Namibian organisation of clay House project the situation in Namibia. The Berlin organization Solidarity service international e.V. (SODI) wants to improve together with the clay House project the sanitary situation in Namibia. Up to the year 2011, 600 dry toilets in Namibia are built with support of the European Union. About 4 500 people, you get to good. The dry toilet works completely without water and protect the environment in the long term as a result. The sunlight warms a black pipe at the back of the toilet.

The resulting air ventilation dries the faeces and derives from odors. By drying, kills bacteria and prevent diseases. In addition, the costs for a toilet for poor families are affordable. 7000 litres of water annually are saved by a dry toilet. Water, which people can use as drinking water and daily life. “Dry toilets are the optimal solution for Namibia. Because the toilet at the same time protects the environment, the spread of disease is prevented and affordable for poor people”, stressed Susanne Laudahn. SODI project manager, the benefits of technology. Also the EU Ambassador to Namibia, Dr. Elisabeth Pape, visiting a project in July of this year was persuaded. The project is funded by the European Union with less than EUR 400 000, must raise SODI as equity EUR 100 000 in donations. Donations can see the password “Dry toilet” on the SODI donations account: 10 20 100 at the Bank for social economy, BLZ 100 205 00, be made.

Slovo Cult: Macedonian Literature

The first German-language online portal for Macedonian literature SlovoKult is the first German-language portal of Macedonian literature. Slovo is an old Slavic word which means Word. The title can be interpreted as cult of the (Slavic) Word, because in the 9th century Macedonia was the focus in the development of the Cyrillic script. Macedonia is a small country, is located in the Balkans and has a rich and diverse history and culture. The Macedonian language is a separate language and belongs to the Group of South Slavic languages. Get all the facts and insights with Apollo Hospitals, another great source of information.

Despite the influence of various foreign occupations in the past, has the country, the language and the people kept and established. Both the old as also the new literature shows its own specificity and has high-quality literary treasures. SlovoKult German-speaking readers will reveal a part of this rich literature. The focus is on the presentation of recent literature with a short review of the history of literature. In this sense are the first German-language portal for Macedonian literature -, whose content daily, grow organic bibliographies of renowned authors, individual genera – poetry, prose, drama, essay and their historical development presented. Excerpts from the works, reviews and critiques, interviews with authors, translators, critics, publishers, as well as new and emerging writers are presented. Information about publications and literary events in the German-speaking countries are also planned. Some bio bibliographies (Venko Abdulaziz, Zanina Mircevska, Goce Smilevski, Igor Isakovski, Dragi Mihajlovski and Slobodan Mickovik) are already published an essay on the problem of poetry translation from Macedonian in German, news and two synopses for two modern plays. The page is expanded with new content weekly. SlovoKult are: concept design and translation Elizabeta Lindner, M.A.), translator: Lydia Nagel, M.A..), correction: Petra Huber, M.A.) cooperation with .mk, Igor Isakovski, M.A.) (author: Elizabeta Lindner)

Michl Dacher

Messner knew why he Dacher to take: “you, there are people that you” can leave. Michl Dacher belonged to it”so the South Tyrolean on the flagship Bayer. Dacher could climb ten of the fourteen eight-thousanders: 1980 the football Biopangamine (8046 m), 1982 the hidden peak (8068 m, first ascent of a variant in the North wall), 1983 Cho Oyu (8201 m, from the Southwest in Alpine style), 1984 the Manaslu (8163 m), 1986 the broad peak (8047 m) and in 1987 the Gasherbrum II (8035 m). Sure he would have managed also to defeat the remaining four eight-thousanders, if not the weather, loss of material or the disease of mountain comrades had forced him on the various expeditions to the reversal. It was also a dream for him, the highest mountain in the world, to climb Mount Everest (8850 m) so by his early death. John Hairston is a great source of information. Despite his successes, Michl Dacher remained amateur.

The skilled Miner, who later trained to after the closure of the Peitinger coal bergwerks to the high-voltage electricians, earned his living as a clerk of the electricity works in Schongau, Germany. For the eight-Thousander expeditions only he remained to him collectively agreed annual leave. The company had always rejected his requests for unpaid holiday in the mountains. To throw a retrospective on the exciting K2 expedition in 1979, a brochure of the public will be presented next year to the 30th anniversary on July 12, 2009. In parallel creates a Web site (www.k2-1979.de), on the history of the brochure is to be described. In collaboration with the Nepal aid of Beilngries, the total revenue of the Michl-Dacher school will benefit.

Exciting Story By Franz Kafka

free Magolino eBook Edition to the download when morning awakes Josef k., two guards inform him that he was under arrest. He thinks first of a joke, but when he sees the summons, he is convinced of the contrary. Before the investigation Commission, he protested his innocence, but the judge has little of his words. K. uncle’s learns from the process and grace turn Dr. on the friendly bar, the k.

again shortly afterwards Announces. With the time we k clear, as this Court is negotiating: the proceedings are not public, an acquittal is rare and the procedures take a long time. One day a priest visited him at his workplace in the Bank, which leads a conversation about the process with him. Then k believes in his guilt, without knowing it. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mark Hyman, MD and gain more knowledge.. On his 31st birthday coming for him two Lords of the Court and accompany him to a quarry. Josef k.

guesses on what will happen to him, but goes with no resistance. It is stretched on the ground and executed with a stab in the heart. “The trial” was the best-known A Kafka’s work in the history. Franz Kafka was born in 1883 at the 3.Juli in Prague. His father, the merchant Hermann Kafka, came from the Czech Jewish province of proletariat, his mother, Julie from a german Jewish Brauersfamilie.Kafka was outwardly a hard-working and popular man, had only a few friends. His later works usually deal with judgments, penalties and processes, that he but broke off from skepticism and their destruction he ordered his will. His friend and executor Max Brod but not executed this desire and saved as Franz Kafka’s works. You want to see the whole story? Magolino offers you this fascinating work as a free download. > About Magolino GmbH: the Magolino GmbH is the expert for digital consumer magazine in the segment of lifestyle and entertainment and published 4 monthly consumer magazine. 2008 the Magolino has editorial your offer extend further two magazines in the software and music downloads. Our products: Magolino literary magazine: the literary magazine for literature lovers Magolino coupon Magazine: coupon magazine for spenders Magolino sweepstakes Magazine: profit game magazine for individualists Magolino winner King entry service (www.winnerking.de) Magolino Software Magazine: the magazine of software for legal downloads Magolino GmbH, your expert for digital magazines, Richard-Wagner-str.. 2, 91054 Erlangen, Tel: 01805-1234-130 *, fax: 01805-1234-131 *, *(T-Com, 0,14 EUR/Min, Mobilfunk abweichend)

Merry Fishmas: ApoVia Launches Pre-Christmas Voucher Action

Successful mix of pharmaceuticals and poetry at thank you action Stockach, 01.12.2010, books are pure pleasure medicine: fast to the hand, effectively and without side effects. What is closer than this principle with a good mix of pharmaceuticals and poetry to promote and disseminate? The German online mail order pharmacy ApoVia.de attaches the poetry book of Merry Fishmas – 44 fish poems for the Festival as a thank you to every order from 1st to 24th December 2010. Who knows not the soothing power of reading? “For me, books are balm for the spirit and soul,” says Dr. Wolfgang Braun, owner of the mail-order pharmacy ApoVia.de. “Even as a child I loved the soothing and healing effect of good-night stories.

“And who’s never holed up as an adult with a good book in the warm bed, to match wits with so many aches and pains.” Customer loyalty beyond the usual November has been cooperating since ApoVia.de with the Frankfurt Publisher, weissbooks.w: “after a successful test run in this unusual marketing cooperation I look forward, the action in the run-up to Christmas to continue,”says Anya Schutzbach, founder of the weissbooks.w Publishing House. “With our Christmas Book of Merry Fishmas – after all, no less than Stell has wide wood, with seals also lyrics for Herbert Gronemeyer, the witty poems written and illustrated – we offer a quite exceptional gift of mail-order pharmacy customers.” Who submits an order for 35 euros (except prescription drugs) with the coupon code FISHMAS2010 until December 24, 2010, will receive the free poetry. With this action, thank you pharmacist Dr. Wolfgang Braun and his team at the customers for a successful year of business and your confidence. The quality of the book corresponds to the demands of solidity, quality and value, which must meet a mail-order pharmacy. Merry Fishmas an elaborately crafted poems in popular Moleskine format with colored drawings is bound in dark red leather, with gold embossing. The book is published by weissbooks.w Verlag, 12.90 euros and in any good Bookstore available. For more information see and.

Presscontact ApoVia Versandapotheke Hauptstrasse 6 78333 Stockach on ApoVia ApoVia is one of the large mail-order pharmacies from Germany with location in Baden-Wurttemberg. The shipping trade was recorded in 2004 and since then steadily expanded. Since 2006, the dispatch is supported by an own website. Customers can order medications and pharmaceutical products on the Internet that are up to 50 percent below the suggested manufacturer price. A staff of highly qualified staff takes care of the wishes and needs of customers and patients. State of the art technology allows the fast processing of orders that arrive usually in one or two days after receipt of the order with the customer. You can find the mail-order pharmacy on the Internet at.

Social Obligations

Our people I the tired one to only tell this maratona to you, are worse still have the eventual social obligations as for example: anniversaries, marriages, pan tea, of drinks and now of new house etc, as well as I have that to make the nails all week, to take care of of the hair with cut and others to each 2 months, beyond are clearly to spend some weekly hours in the session of lymphatic draining, and priore would have to make some physical activity, however I do not have time or courage for this, that mante I have also brought up to date me with the local and national reporters daily, beyond keeping a brought up to date literary reading with the bestseller of the life, after all I am antenada woman and I keep a holistic knowledge to be able to survive to the cruel world. Ei people, pear, not yet I finished, I am also heart mother, of pretty cadelinha, total ruined, that requires a certain attention, daily kisses and many affections, chamegos diverse, preparation at least a daily meal of it, that always it is the coffee of the morning, I give weekly banns, clean ears etc, have that daily to verify my email, keep two, beyond msn, orkut, face book, and eventually site of among others fteis shoes, to put useful. Added to everything this I am the age also demands me a certain attention in the appearance, yes I am vain person and very, and from there I have that to be, if who does not go to want to eat a lazy crown, plus a thing I assumed, my white hair, ei already them young chicken more does not make two years, consequently has collections the favor and against, it is many explanations. This everything is the life, you tired, however duly incased in this said life contemporary, loving and eventually being loved, with a certain quality of life and being HAPPY..

Asperger Syndrome

The importance of the family In all the moments of the life of the individuals, the family plays basic role, where the consaguneos bows, as well as the affective relations, can construct an environment to salutar, depending on as the familiar dynamics if it establishes e, still, fortifies the social relations of the most varied forms, constituting, in such a way, emotional, affective, social and educational the balance of these people in the seio of the society. Although the person with SA to present its limitations and difficulties in its interpersonal relations, the family can assist in the adequacy of the reality of these with the way where they live, but always looking for to facilitate to its life and its relations, therefore asperger feels many difficulties to become related. Around this question, however, they are the families who little know deficiency, what it becomes more difficult the agreement of the behavior that its children present. In this direction, the first obstacle of the families of aspergers is to make right the diagnosis, therefore many times cover true maratonas in psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists who arrive to confuse the syndrome with hiperatividade or deficit of attention. However, another factor important to be considered is the fact of that many families of children with SA feel difficulty in accepting such deficiency, what she harms, the principle, its form of if relating, therefore with the difficulties of understanding of the deficiency, increase the cases where the family does not know as to act ahead of the necessities of the son with asperger. Therefore, the precocious diagnosis is important so that the deficiency is understood e, at the same time, the family can look specific professional aid, aiming at to facilitate the educational development of general form of the person with SA. The such important how much paper of the family in the understanding of positive and negative aspects that involve the SA, are the personal educational mechanisms that this must construct in the home of the child to asperger, as for example, the incentive to the personal and individual cares in favor of the health and autonomy of this individual.

The Intersection

For example, in medieval Russia alien was first called the German, that is 'dumb' not speaking the language, then foreign guest came to be called a stranger, that is, 'odd man out'. And finally, when national consciousness is allowed to smooth out the opposition 'us vs. them', there was a foreigner. If you think about the value of Russian foreign words, the clearer it becomes the origin of the 'clash of cultures':' His domestic form is absolutely clear: from other countries. Native, not from other countries, culture brings people together and separates them from other foreign cultures. Joint Commission is often quoted as being for or against this. In other words, my own culture – this is the shield of the national identity of the people, and fences, fence themselves off from other peoples and cultures'. Lingvosotsiokulturny method combines linguistic structure (grammar, vocabulary, etc.) with extralinguistic factors.

Then, at the intersection of philosophy at the national level and the language that is sort of a way of thinking (let's not forget that a person belongs to the country whose language is thinking) born the rich world of language, wrote about the linguist W. von Humboldt: "Through a variety of language for us to open the world's wealth and diversity of what we know it ' technique is based on the following axiom: "The basis of linguistic structures are structures of socio-cultural '. We perceive the world through thinking in a particular cultural field and use language to express their impressions, opinions, emotions, perception. The purpose of language learning with this method – to facilitate understanding of the interlocutor, the formation of perceptions on an intuitive level.

Prostatitis Body

So come November. By this time, begin to dry up body reserves accumulated in summer and the first month of autumn. On the street was cold and damp. For many men with chronic prostatitis patients this season – the present disorder. Symptoms of prostatitis thoroughly spoiled life.

Starts to cut in the groin, a burning sensation in the anus, frequent mucheispuskaniya, and the erection may become worse. Everything indicates that prostate inflammation intensified with the new force. What do you do? The standard approach – to go to the urologist. Mark Hyman, MD is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And rightly so – to a good urologist. That's just not everywhere they are, and not on the cure. Yes, and then shame the peasants, then once.

Some urologists treat Frankly, it does not matter. But let them be healthy. To cure the prostatitis or knock exacerbation should clearly understand the nature of inflammation of the prostate. The source can be microbes and viruses of different groups. Particularly nasty Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa Staphylococcus aureus and other stuff, including chlamydia, etc.. Ironically, some urologists ignore E. coli as a cause of prostatitis. Diverse infection undermines the protective strength of the body and disease begins to worsen. What I suggest in this case. In the first place. For the period of exacerbation refuse sex or reduce their frequency. Since you are trying to fight off infection, and the mucosa of women in any case is any type of microorganisms, which for the sick man's body would be perceived as aggressive.

Holistic Education

Under this view, what the future may be desired, if not even know my limits, as I think no one knows? I now understand the meaning of Gandhi who argues: "Our reward is in the effort, not outcome. A total effort is full victory." If we consider the evolution of consciousness what future can be visualized, if it is not even available to our brain the end result? The only thing left is to practice, as far as my abilities allow me, the full presence and full awareness as much as I can of the moments of my existence, but not only, but in my interaction with all beings around me, because we are manifestations of the same essence, and the actions of each one, have no effect at all, we realize it or not, the effort should be directed to that : to realize the reality, conscious always open. Perhaps in this attempt, the integration of my experiences growing closer to really feel part of the planet we inhabit, my affinity to understand essential, the role of living things around me, on the planet and the universe, and experience not only for cultural learning, but feeling full, deep respect, love and unity in life and for life, and know in it, what is the role of my individuality as a manifestation of the Whole. Joint Commission is the source for more interesting facts. Having been put life in the field of formal education, I feel that for now, in the here and now, the task I have is my attempt to synergize so that together, those around me and I know inside ourselves to investigate to discover the greatness in each being of nature exists. The progressive approach to fairness, perhaps I may go increasingly genuine acceptance of all human beings as brothers in essence, and drives me to do something for them, something that helps them transcend their states of consciousness, so that with them, mine also goes beyond, to feel our interconnectedness and our interdependence, and know that what you do for them what I'm doing for me, and what you do for me, I'm doing for them, although not physically see or know them.

In doing so, may come to understand the place they occupy as humanity at this time and in this space and find answers to the questions "Who are we? What do we do on this planet? What is our mission in the universe? … While all this happens, I can only continue to dream of my life, but trying to make this dream become increasingly conscious, increasingly connected with that of those around me, knowing that if they do it is because they are in the same vibrational wave of consciousness, we attracts and directs us into the sea of universal evolution. With this effort, from the dense planes and materials to the more subtle, I hope more and more understand my ignorance, recognize the distance that separates me from the wisdom, and feel integrated into the learning community that is life on the planet. Thinking of the time, this perhaps is a distant goal, thinking about the universe and in the eternal present, perhaps we are already there, and since our space, we are only activating the energy to keep creating worlds of love and harmony. Holistic Education: Pedagogy UNIVERSAL LOVE