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‘Texts!’ is almost a seminar with videos and online course Augsburg, 25.04.2013. The concept of a book”enough for the latest prank the so-‘s series is not. The reader gets even more about QR-codes: 30 minutes of video material and an online lecture by author and text coach Stefan Gottschling. This combined! texts”as book different media. More info: Dr. Mark Hyman. Concise text know-how to reading, listening and watching texts!”provides a taste of the real lyricist Club seminars. And there is still a show-stopper: sale price several vouchers into the 25 euro in the total value of 20 euro. Thus the reader in the shop of the SGV publishing can equip itself with more books and tools you need as a copywriter. Text basics and many new technical tips text!”covers all 5 chapters, what you need to know as a copywriter. The journey begins in the mind of the reader, and shows what happens when reading in the brain. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City understood the implications. After these basics, it continues with the leadership in the and in the text. The reader learns how he writes really good headlines and teaser, with punctuation leads or fully exploits the potential of QR-codes. The chapter cinema head and feeling”explains why pictorial language, metaphors, and the correct tonality are so important to the text. Continue with specific instructions and text grids to the conception of different advertising media such as brochures or online shop. Whether print or online, whether literature or blogs, wallpapers or concrete plans texts!”is a complete package. While Stefan Gottschling mixes already familiar with completely new input. Because he has evaluated articles, copywriter tips and previous publications and re-edited. Strong idea comes at a small price the new standard for lyricist with a sophisticated concept. For 20 euros go back directly to the reader in the form of vouchers. Also the new leads so-‘s book goes beyond QR codes in the multimedia world: on the SGV Publisher’s website, there are videos and a 60-minute online lecture in addition 30 minutes. For those who not only read the content, but also hear and see? Texts!”is all so-go’s books are clear and simple and clearly structured. The wide margin offers accurate summaries and plenty of room for own notes and (text) ideas. Because this are so-goes’s books of the SGV Publisher: practicality, quick and easy applicability, concrete advice and assistance. So the read can be applied immediately to the own text. Texts!”appears at the beginning may 2013. More information about the book and order at. Contact: SGV publishing / copywriters Club Sonja of Rohsler forest Friedenstrasse 1 D-86161 Augsburg Tel.: 0049 821 / 650 380-5 Fax: 0049 821 / 650 380-7 the SGV Verlag was founded in 2006 in Augsburg. Publisher Stefan Gottschling is lyricist and dialogue marketing professional and published under the brand so-go-book title around the themes communication, marketing, and text. These products are mainly one: practical. Foreign publishers have some of Leslie books bestseller status. The copywriters Club was founded in 2011. The portfolio includes in addition to Text optimization and consulting since early 2013 also exclusively the original lyricist seminars Stefan gottschling. Available to everyone: The copywriters Club on Facebook with currently around 1,500 members.

Wisoak Offers New In-service Qualification

15 individually bookable modules at 3 levels transition to the possible Bremen/Bremerhaven University of applied sciences. Demographic change does not stop with his tendency to shortages of workers even before the logistics. Trained professionals are indispensable good and up to date in this dynamic industry. The in-service qualification to the / the “IT logistics/in” workers from the industry and from companies with logistics work processes for new tasks to qualify. This training is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), consists of three levels with a total of 15 specific modules. There are degrees to the “operational logistics specialist” (level C), to the / to the “Manager operational logistics” (level B) and the / to the “IT logistics/in” (A level) possible.

The qualifications for the “operational logistics specialist” (level C) and the “operational logistics manager” (level B) start on the year or 07.09.2011. The modules of these two stages, which are booked separately, include 30 lessons. The 5 modules of A level “IT-Logistker / in” starting from 01.02.2012 and include each 90 hours of learning. The development is carried out together with partners from science and industry. The partners are: dbh logistics IT AG (IT provider), NTB North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH GmbH & co., Hellmann worldwide logistics GmbH & co. KG, BLG logistics GROUP AG & CO.KG, all bfw in one GmbH (IT provider), ITF Research GmbH (IT provider), professional promotion work Bremen and Bremerhaven University of applied sciences. Specifically, a cooperation agreement was signed with Bremerhaven University of applied. “Target is, transition into the Bachelor degree course transportation / logistics through the recognition of services from the level of A qualification IT-Logistiker/in” to simplify. The levels and modules in detail: Specialist for operational logistics (5 modules, each module of 30 hours) level C: requirements: Office, retail clerk, or other qualifications no logistics experience modules: Fundamentals of modern logistics (C1), 06-24.09.2011 Communication/conflict management with customers (C2), 04-22.10.2011 control of logistic processes (C3), Nov 1-19.11.2011 responsibility and quality of the logistics chain (C4), 29.11.-17.12.2011 technology and IT applications in TUL (C5), 10.

Innovation Award: Old

Success story in Saxony-Anhalt – from old deposits will be environmental sins new building material of subsequent generations paid most dearly for. Dr. Helmut Gorke shows that you can use it to earn money. Employed in GDR times in various functions in the mineral oil plant Lutzkendorf (in the case of Braunsbedra), he set himself up in November 1990 with his son-in-law with the founding of OMROS GmbH. Henceforth he devoted service to the environment, especially salvage, reclamation and recycling highly viscous old deposits of industrial. He knew still a legacy from his Lutzkendorfer period. In the cracking of petroleum propane bitumen remained in the 60s in the newly established mineral refinery en masse because the planned utilisation plant has been realized until years later. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn understood the implications.

That’s why the bitumen in a huge storage facility was pumped. Later grew in the meaning shift of the word grass about the thing – say – from the bitumen Lake was nothing more to see, because the trust 1994 cover the basin with soil. Only Dr. Gorke remembered his and 2001 struck his hour. Together with his son Ronald and his staff, he developed a method, like the old bitumen could be recycled, constructed all facilities needed and put much hand as a skilled Machinist and toolmaker, with. “Then I got searched a bitumen producers and we have experimented until the industry was protected”, so Dr. Gorke. Quite the sustainability commitment, he also build a solar system with 380 kWh performance right next to the ‘tar Lake’, which operates not only the equipment, but also injects electricity into the grid.

He sees the secret of success of this technologically creative performance in the innovativeness of its employees. “The work must make fun. “Then you think also of alone about it after, what better can be made”, so Dr. Gorke. This setting was recently awarded. OMROS is among the 100 most innovative medium in Germany, was a jury chaired by Lothar Spath. Meanwhile, the bitumen Lake near Braunsbedra is almost exhausted. Dr. Gorke think about but it how he further can sell this and other techniques developed by him. “There are lots of such lakes in Eastern Europe”, explains Dr. Gorke. “In Poland we have a subsidiary reason.

5-ply Mafia Murder In Duisburg By 16 August 2007

The Honorable Society not only uses the innovative car purchase system with low rates and high discounts. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. contributes greatly to this topic. The ray Connetti GmbH Pforzheim starts from 01.10.2007 as well with the Europe-wide marketing of car lease purchase vehicles via the Internet platform. Read additional details here: cardiologist. All vehicles and models can be booked with high discounts (up to 30 percent). The current rates are very reasonable. Interest accrues no model for this lease. Duration 36 months 60. After the end of the contract passed the vehicle at the agreed price. The often occurring problems in the lease transfer is therefore omitted.

From the outset it is a conventional contract hire. Optionally, the vehicle insurance pool the vehicle fleet can be insured. Fully comprehensive insurance costs are 1% of the manufacturer’s list price; but at least 300,00 euro. The vehicle is then approved via our partner companies and insured. Thus, for example, PF are”Pforzheim flag Europe possible. Ray Connetti GmbH – Park Street 18-75175 Pforzheim – Tel.

Hanze University Groningen

Designers and materials expert AART van Zoo Bakare taught at University of Groningen as a guest lecturer in 2008 / 2009 Hamburg, September 2008 the online platform himself to September with new features is back: the portal of the Dutch industrial designer and materials expert AART van Zoo Bakare sees itself as a source of inspiration to the interplay of materials and design. All news, trends and case studies on the website are free to access, the blog informed every day about new developments in material and design. I look at the design process from the perspective of the material and try to exploit its potential”, says van Zoo Bakare. Eva Andersson-Dubin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The right material can create new opportunities for the customers in the design and manufacturing process, which has previously not even considered it.” Material stories offers services in the fields of competence of brand consultancy, design and material research. In the coming winter semester, van Zoo Bakare teaches Academy of Visual Arts & design in Groningen as a guest lecturer at the Minerva. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. There conveys van Zoo Bakare as of September 2008 the budding young designers thought in interior design and places the focus on sustainable design. The College is part of the Hanze University Groningen, one of the largest and most prestigious universities for applied arts in the Netherlands (

Already in the summer semester of 2007 van Zoo Bakare taught at the Hamburg University of applied sciences (HAW) and the Hochschule fur Kunste Bremen. Also van Zoo Bakare gives a lecture at the invitation of Bayern innovative on October 22 in Rosenheim in this year’s trade fair interior/furniture and interior design”on the strategic use of materials in design and branding. This addressed the material 2007 stories exhibition material & identity”( during the Hamburg design festival map. Rosenheim van Zoo Bakare using best practices will show up competitive advantages deriving from the use of material in products (program: events). About “AART: the Dutch Designer AART van Zoo Bakare (32) founded 2005 material stories”.

Van Abbe Zoo Yens experiences in design and design management combines the portal and his passion for materials. Van Zoo Bakare sees his task is to inspire the best material in the design process and on the other hand its usage to enable.


Women exist as much many moments in the life of a person, of men as, in which it is probable that they leave striae, and is at the moment in which measures are due to take to avoid the manifestation of scars. In order to understand how to prevent that this happens, first it must understand how these scars take place. Sydney Sweeney: the source for more info. The flexibility of the epidermis can adapt to the slow changes in the volume of its body, but when the size of body changes of dramatic form and the transformation rate exceeds to the elasticity, the epidermis undergoes small tears in the surface. These tears give to reason to scars or striae. You can commonly obtain these scars during the time of his life in which she changes his corporal volume of drastic form by loss of weight associated with an extreme diet, increase of weight during the lost pregnancy or of weights in later of the childbirth, period of growth, physicist culturismo and many other causes more. The essence to prefit the appearance of striae is to do all the possible one to moderate the increase or loss of weight. Some periods of desarroyo can not be under their control, such as I bring forth of growth and some as the gain of weight during the gestation, but some can be handled with their care and hastens. Additionally, it can try to increase the adaptability of the epidermis to improve and to have a good hairdo.

To absorb more water during these periods of the life, when he is more susceptible to the striae, can help to alert the scars much. In that same sense, can to increase ingestion of foods by far contained of water, like melon of water, whereas its consumption of foods and drinks that are dehydrating by nature, like articles with caffein falls. There are some articles in the market constructed to reduce the danger of stria by extension of the epidermis. These often take to natural, mineral vitamins and oils, and enough contain some substances like the butter of cacao or butter of karit.Six categories different from aroma exist that express different moods. If you know favourite of the person marks for whom she buys herself will be a reasonably safe purchase. Luckyly and luckily for us the striae can be eliminated completely of natural form.The method of the Dr. Montanari explains perfectly like desacer itself of the striae for always.To buy personal perfumes or fragrances can be a discouraging task, especially if she is for a friend or a lover. Obvious, when buying in line the real scent of different fragrances cannot be compared.

But, once it has a quite good idea than it is looking for, you can very easily compare diferentesofertas of different marks and suppliers. So, how you know what you are looking for? The following simple steps will limit the search a little. Perfumes and fragrances must adjust to the personality.The essential oils of a perfume react of different way with each different person. Some colonies of mark more are adapted for some personalities that others, and some perfumes are gregarious, others are more reserved. Its election to satisfy the needs with the attitude of the carrier, as well as of behavior, as well as to reflect the state of its relation with the user. For example, you could not buy the same fragrance of his mother she would do since it for a fianc2ee.

Awareness Of Gaps

In the course of the day we see and hear a series of changing things that happen one after the other. When we realized for the first time be seeing something or hear a sound (and much more) if it is unknown, prior to the mind map name or interpret it, usually there is a vacuum of intense attention in which occurs the perception. This is the interior space. The duration of that vacuum varies from one person to another. It is easy to overlook it because, in many cases, are extremely brief gaps, perhaps a second or less. What happens is the following: when there is an image or a new sound, there is a brief interruption in the usual torrent of thoughts in the first moment of perception. Consciousness deviates from the thought because you need it to detect a perception. A picture or a very strange sound can leave us dumb, even inside us.

That is causing a vacuum long. The frequency and duration of those spaces determines our ability to enjoy life, to feel the inner connection with other human beings and nature. It also determines our degree of freedom from the ego, because the ego implies a total unawareness of the dimension of the space. When we take conscience of these gaps as they occur naturally, gradually extend and we experience more often the joy of perceiving, without the interference of thought. Then the world is renewed, cheerful and lively. While more we perceive the world through mental screen abstraction and conceptualisation, inert and kind becomes. Original author and source of the article

Hiking Trails In Bavarian Castles And Discover

Wanderlust on nature without luggage IM ilztal? Sporting days promises the last big whitewater of the Bavarian Forest. The Ilz rises in the boggy heights of the Bayer forest mountains and is always mysterious and interesting at the same time by their black water. Built of granite, grade II listed mill, old castles and the Castle Fursteneck bear witness to the importance of the River Valley in the middle ages. Some say that there is the best trout, which is not surprising given the pure water. You can book two sporting hiking days IM ilztal with approximately 22 kilometres per day, twice backpack food, a gold trail hiking map and each returning to the district IM ilztal from April to October from 89 euro per person in a double room. Information: project community Ilztal and three Burgenland, lower market 3, 94157 Perlesreut, Tel. 08555/961910, fax 08555 / 361940,, our tip of the month: the trick in the Church of St.

Lawrence Neualbenreuth: the altar wall is a so-called aperture altar from the Baroque period, which means that he is not real”, but an altarpiece that was painted on the wall. Another oddity in Neualbenreuth: between 1596 and 1864 the nationality of the inhabitants moved annually at the Laurentiustag, where both people of Eger and Waldsassen, from within and beyond the border, lived. The main attraction today is the Sibylle bath with its radon source and Hammam. Information:.

Palace Hampton Court Gallery

Since the beginning of the 13th century, was a home that occupied the area of the present Hampton Court Palace, so it is quite likely that the building should have a good amount of ghosts and other dark creatures. In addition, to that you must add the turbulent history of the royalty that has inhabited the place. Bessel van der Kolk is actively involved in the matter. r-Ipil.html’>Sorrento therapeutics may find this interesting as well. If you are in the city, is looking for what to do in London and doesn’t scare easily is a good choice. Visitors to Hampton Court Palace will enjoy the chilling stories of its former residents, who apparently still dwell their hallways today. Catherine Howard was the fifth wife of King Enrique VIII, and, as it happened with most of his wives, his life ended abruptly. Further details can be found at Eva Andersson-Dubin, an internet resource. In 1541, after having worked as a Queen Consort of England for a year, was accused of adultery.

The King locked up in the Palace, but Catherine managed to escape from the guards and was looking for to ask for clemency. However, the guards caught and dragged her back to her room screaming and kicking. A spooky twist of fate He made the King to execute it in the same way that had ended the life of his cousin Ana Bolena, decapitating her. His age is accurate at the time of his death is not known, but he is believed that he had between 17 and 24 years. Apparently, today the ghost of Catherine Howard frequents the enchanted Palace Hampton Court Gallery. Residents of the nearby apartments say hear screams coming from the gallery. In addition, several visitors have suffered strange experiences. One afternoon in 1999, two women desmayaron exactly in the same place of the gallery with only half an hour’s difference. A group of scientists from the University of Hertfordshire conducted a survey and found out that these experiences often occur in very specific places.

Bernhard Simon By A Large Majority

Jurgen Hardt: ‘Signal of backing’ a day after the local elections has located the new of the CDU constituted. Confidence was once again pronounced the longtime Chairman Bernhard Simon. Simon received 80 percent of the vote (20 votes, five votes against and an abstention) in the election for the new group Chairman. The CDU District Chairman Jurgen Hardt, who had invited to the inaugural meeting of the CDU Council group, noted: this election is a sign of backing. Now the Group and the Party Chairman can do first exploratory talks with all democratic parties except the extreme-right and the SED successors.” Also Lord Mayor Peter Jung, for which Hardt according to stable majorities”has been created at the municipal election were, had previously for Simon as the new Chairman of group pronounced itself. Simon himself stressed that the faction led by him ten years more have suffered no voting defeat since the year 2000 in the Council. Our strength was the unity.

This will not change with the new group”, so Simon. “Hardt pointed out in his analysis of the election, that the CDU land compared outstanding good results” have achieved. Prime Minister Ruttgers already congratulated Peter Jung to his great success. So far, only episodes were from the CDU asked Mayor. Now, be a mayor by the CDU in the race was confirmed for the first time clearly in his Office and could exert a total eleven years this. After a five-year first term, young has been confirmed for another six years in Office. It was also gratifying that the CDU in all district offices place the strongest faction.