Council Law

The Government has approved the project of law of services to the client. The maximum waiting time for the user shall not exceed 1 minute. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has to say. In addition they will be compelled by law to that customer telephone service is free. People such as Eva Andersson-Dubin would likely agree. The Government has approved this Friday the draft law of care services to the client, which improves the rights of consumers, as he has announced the Vice President first Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba in press conference after the Council of Ministers. This new law sets a deadline of a month for companies to resolve complaints from customers. In addition, the maximum waiting time for user from receiving the call in customer service may not exceed 1 minute. On the other hand, the new law will prevent that customer service will provide additional income to the company at the expense of the user. To do this, companies will be obliged by law to that customer phone support is free, agile and personalized and will be prohibited from the use of numbers of additional pricing as a means of communication with customers. Standard has as its main objective the deficiencies detected in the provision of such services by large companies and improve the protection of consumers. Source of the news: companies, forced to resolve complaints of customers within a period of one month

A Childhood Dream Comes True We Build A Tree House!

Germany’s first tree house Kids camp! Berlin (January 12, 2011) which dreams of child not even build a tree house? However, not many parents have a garden or the appropriate trees to meet their desire for children. ReiseMeise kids travel want to make possible this with Germany’s first tree house children’s camp. Whether urban or country must experience it once every child ReiseMeise kids travel for the first time opens the doors of his new adventure camps in deer Luch. A holiday location surrounded by a 23-acre woodland course, children at the age of 8 have 14 years to build the opportunity for the first time a tree house with your wishes. Hear from experts in the field like Anita Dunn for a more varied view. Target our idea is that every child should have the opportunity to experience such a unique experience. “Regardless of whether it lives in the city or in the country”, so Andreas Kuchenbecker, Managing Director of ReiseMeise. A children’s leisure that still did not exist in this form in Germany. In this major project ReiseMeise receives support from Bambooland family fun Center and GlobeTrotter Equipment.

“” Cohesion, team communication, and strategic thinking to promote the feeling of having, together we make something and I contribute my part, immensely increases the self-confidence in children “, as Mr Kuchenbecker and straight in this young age very important end cover and promote these properties”. Care and the children will be accompanied of course by experienced tutors. That deal with hazardous machines is carried out only by skilled personnel. Mostly we use but harmless hand tool, so can we integrate the children as much as possible in this project and they know the material. Because ultimately are something to it that you want to experience this unique feeling to have created”Mr.

Kuchenbecker informed on us. Health promotion through play and romp in the wild romp in the nature not only good for small children’s hearts, but also properly brings muscles. It has been proven that children who play much in its development phase, have stronger bones, stronger muscles, a higher self-esteem, greater independence and body sensation. To support this positive, we when our children travel on that this not too short. In our tree house camp we have a healthy mix of all this and that’s what matters in the end. Because only children that much play, you can also rest and find concentration”, as Mr Kuchenbecker. To our tree house camp with fun is here:

Bangladesh Relief Network

Bangladesh relief network presents 2009 annual report with the help of network could in 2009 total 18 212 families in Bangladesh, which has had to suffer from hunger, generate an income himself. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Hyun Kim has to say. 71 026 family members have therefore received a much better diet. The annual report reveals that the solidarity movement with Bangladesh, which is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany. The self-help program a life long enough rice from mains aims namely, that the poorest families can independently earn their living. The non-profit association established over 2.9 million euros last year for the fight against of poverty and to the promotion of human rights in Bangladesh.

“On average every three minutes a child dies in the South Asian country from the effects of poverty and hunger”, reported network project co-ordinator Peter Dietzel, and immediately adds: who engaged in power, with voluntary actions or as a donor, is with this ferocity does not take off “. Targeted network has therefore his involvement in the project a life long enough rice”expanded. Read more from Eva Andersson-Dubin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Together with partner organisations on the spot and distressed women, the Bangladesh experts have developed this self-help program: the mothers get a starting capital for example a cow, goats, a rickshaw, or seed, and the rental fee for the cultivation of rice. You will receive training in horticulture, animal husbandry, and disaster preparedness. In addition, they are captured in self-help structures and supports. Local aid workers regularly come to the village to advise women. With the income families achieve, they can feed themselves and provide clothing and education of children”, Dietzel highlights the importance of this self-help.

The selection of families for the program a lifetime enough rice”is carried out according to precise criteria. Only the most needy get help: mothers with malnourished children, without their own country, including many alone raising families and people from ethnic minorities. At the beginning of the Work is captured in a village the situation exactly.

Europcar Fleet

Europcar car rental expands electro mobile car service after the introduction of the electric models Citroen C-zero on Sylt in December 2011 and Peugeot extended Europcar iON in the region of Dusseldorf beginning March 2012, now its offering in the area of electric mobility to the Opel Ampera. Thus, the car rental company was the only one in his industry offers different electric series – or manufacturer vehicles. Six Opel are now Ampera for Europcar customers in use. The electric cars can be reserved initially at three stations in the Frankfurt area at the airport, in the Hanauer Landstrasse and the Ludwig-Landmann-Strasse. The Europcar car rental will use temporarily internally three more vehicles, the test of the vehicle to offer as many employees. For more specific information, check out Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. This is consistent, because electric driving as an innovative mobility solution will also in the future occupy an important place within the Europcar offer”, explains Tim Ohler, project manager electric mobility with Europcar.

By we us at an early stage on new developments “set, we offer our clients the opportunity to gain practical experience in using electric vehicles over our offer”, as o. further. The electric car from Opel can be rented at a very fair price for Europcar: at a rent of one or two days will be charged a fee of $99 per day. A longer rental, the daily price drops even: in three to four days will be charged 69 Euro per day (all prices are gross, including LDW and an excess of 850 euros, including all kilometers). Eva Andersson-Dubin is the source for more interesting facts. The trial offer over the weekend is at an attractive fixed price 119 EUR car rental can be booked (same conditions, however, including 900 kilometers, additional km cost 0.23 Euro). Car hire Opel Ampera is characterized mainly by its range extender technology to extend the range. The battery in the vehicle feeds the electric motor with power of up to 80 kilometres.

Grocery Store

That afternoon I walked the aisles of grocery, canned goods was the one that caught my attention, had cans of love, passion, marriage, memories … I took the can of passion to see if anyone had dropped neglected, and to have failed. Was intact, but had no expiration date … without thinking for a moment put it in my cart and then threw his left hand with four more in case this was not enough. Dr Jee Hyun Kim often addresses the matter in his writings. The place was packed with people looking to stock their frenetic pace empty hearts.

There was a freezer said, “to refrain from opening the door if someone does not withdraw, people in indefinite state of lethargy.” I continued my way around the site and surrounded by beings that awesome tingling diffuse. Some walked like zombies straight out of a horror film, others had noticeable smile that showed his excitement at the endless search and others simply walked as if looking glass … I bought some chocolate bars, if I have some in my cupboard. Dr. Mark Hyman describes an additional similar source. A neon sign caught my attention: Ca “SMETICOS and smallest letter said beautification of your soul, I went and had hurried creams forgiveness, crazy wild, wet feet in the stream, and sheet music about love, pushed all the way to the cart, is not something that someone will get them, the people there were very bold and possibly would have taken to me. et resource. A promoter too polished, his face contorted with pain that caused him his heels, came up to me and gave me challenges to try sandwiches, I liked but I left for my next foray into the self. I went to the cash register the clerk was a gaunt, disheveled blonde bar codes passed by the laser, the amount and told me he paid for, with a can of passion .. Eva Andersson-Dubin understood the implications.

European Union Few

See disciplined autonomous Presidents meet the slogans of their parties at a meeting in which our prosperity played causes blushing and discomfort: do are those representatives who voted or have been supplanted by partisan rompers? The same lack of personality and leadership is occurring to planetary scale, we could say, as evidenced by the Copenhagen climate summit. Do hell future thirty years view a few politicians whose only ideology are polls that matter, in the case of the few Democrats really and to those who only are concerned about the outcome of the upcoming elections? Three quarters of a century ago, however, there was a generation that horrified by the last war had a global vision of the problems and their solution: Churchill, De Gasperi, Adenauer, with those doctrinaire Wicker, Monet and Schumann put together the current European Union, a union in which it grows its number of members increased in the same proportion the national egoisms. What about mine?, could be the slogan of an EU hardly governable. /a> might disagree with that approach. You may wish to learn more. If so, John Craig Venter is the place to go. Some of that came to say in a recent interview, Jacques Delors, the best President that has had to recognize that political with the greatness of the ancient statesmen there is no. At the domestic level we see it in the pathetic opportunism of Mariano Rajoy and Rodriguez Zapatero, light years from that vision of State of Adolfo Suarez and Felipe Gonzalez. Clear that, in a world where the rewards as Nobel Peace Prize a politician with two open wars and with more troops that his predecessor, what can be expected.. .

Rinse Injector

So, you decided to wash the injector. But paying $ 60-70 for it to do someone else, do not want. There is always a way out – to do everything yourself. How? Tell This method is in common is called 'Put the car enema' To 'Put an enema', you will need: a good washing liquid (to taste) a set of new plugs (by brand) 1,5-2 liters of petrol (the same as that pour into the engine), or enema syringe (buy at the drugstore – with some same interest for you will be looking to turn! :-)) Assistant (so pressed on the gas pedal and ate your beer, skunk) proceed. First, mix the washing liquid with gasoline.

Next, raise the hood and find the hose that goes from the '' on the intake manifold. Remove perehodnichek – a rubber tube. Type in sprintsovochku little mixture of gasoline with washing fluid and pressure to fill up. We have to wait 10-15 minutes – let everything what would get the liquid otkisnet. Others who may share this opinion include Eva Andersson-Dubin. Now the time has come to include the work of assistant – the very thing that all this time staring at you and guzzled a beer in one person. He sits behind the wheel and starts the car.

It should be noted that it would not be so easy to do – because of the disconnected pipes engine will not keep pace, maybe even die, so I have to constantly put pressure on the gas and maintained at 2500-2800 Rpm. The engine roars, the assistant presses on gas, you're with syringe in hand, takes a position near the tube. The next step is injecting a mixture of gasoline and the drilling fluid. By the same author: Bessel van der Kolk. The point is not easy, because pressure inside the tube and strives to tighten the entire syringe inside. You do not even have to click on it – just bring closer – pressurized fluid itself will depart from syringe into voracious tube 🙂 During the operation of the muffler can be heard various sounds – ranging from cotton and ending with an eerie rrrykom. Can also escape clouds of white smoke and pieces fall out of something black, soft and smelly, at what level of smoke can reach such proportions that the neighbors come running to the garage as the cries of "Fire!". This mainly relates to car, we remained in Russia for more than 3 years and never take the course as washing by hand, and on the service. Remember! Do not immediately wash and pour mixture over and over. Do not spare the time – Batch. Let all the better . After the handset is 'eat' whatever you do for her was – deafen the engine. Give a little to cool down and unscrew the candles. Now I understand – why a new set? Old will look like %; * 🙂 We change them with new ones and – go ahead! Ride, feel the difference and enjoy.

Paint Your Dream House

Painting competition of the DREGER real estate group, everyone has his own dream house – the DREGER real estate group wanted to know how this looks. When the 2012 contest, children could paint your dream house, stick, everything was allowed from 4 to 12 years. bra/’>Ellard). The organisers at DREGER were very surprised both the number and the creativity of the entries. Under this motto the DREGR invited all children from 4 to 12 years real estate group, to submit a picture of your dream home. No matter, whether Bleistiftzeichung or glued collage, everything was allowed. Everyone has their own idea of the dream home of course and we were really looking forward to the submissions: incredible 186 participants sent a total 194 creative images.

For this we thank all participants, we were excited about the varied images and ideas! The best 10 pictures were published on our website and everyone could vote age group in the three for his favorite image, so end of may were the winners. On 21 June we was the award ceremony, the winner from square 1 to 3 each age group here invited with their parents in the Jagerhof. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. Sales Manager Bernd Blischke assumed the congratulations and solemn handing-over of prices. As a thank you for their participation and the memory was all selected winners of the 10 first places is still a certificate together with their respective image. Thank you very much for the many participation. The winning photos are published on our website at (right on the icon painting competition 2012 “click).

Weight Loss Exercises

Here there are 2 exercises to lower of weight in only days. These exercises do not have to do with running nor nothing of that, these exercises can be much better. Exercises To become thin Quickly Exercise 1: Sentadillas Hindu It sounds like something hard but no, it is not difficult absolutely. It is very simple. You know how ponerte squatting? Then everything what to do but it is squatting you must do as rapidly as possible and do it during a period of 5 minutes.

Additional weights, only you and your body are not needed. In order to remove the maximum benefit from this exercise, it tries to make it without stopping. The people who an average do 20 squatting per minute and more than 100 in 5 minutes manage to obtain incredible and fast results in which to lose weight she talks about. Exercise 2: To jump on a mini-springboard This is a fast form to lower of weight without at least sweating. And the best part is than you can do this during the free short whiles, since you only must do it by around 2 minutes. These are 2 exercises stops to lower of fast weight to a rate that is beyond any thing that you can do in a gymnasium although you never will have to leave your house to do them. The Exercises To become thin are one of the fast forms but to lower of weight, apart from which they are a healthful form to obtain it, since they help to prevent some diseases, for that reason is important that you very consider in your program of loss of weight and fat burning fire..

Environmental Protection

According to the Agency for Environmental Protection (EPA) United States, the level of pollutants in two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. Gain insight and clarity with Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. For pollutants include allergens, irritants light gases, toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These pollutants affect your immune system and may lead to other health problems. The effects of poor indoor air quality in each individual case may differ depending on the time and your health. However, in general, poor indoor air quality leads to the symptoms of allergies, respiratory problems, and weakens immune system.

Children are particularly vulnerable to indoor air pollution because their lungs are smaller, and they make more breaths throughout the day. If you are experiencing symptoms of allergies or asthma in your home, it is possible is due to indoor air quality. There are three basic ways to improve indoor air quality: 1. Control of air pollution sources. 2.

Improve ventilation. 3. Buy an air purifier. Your the first step – identifying the sources of air pollution. If the pollution caused by mold, smoke, chemicals, removing them from the premises is the most effective and reliable way to improve the quality of indoor air. However, some air pollutants in areas such as dust and pollen, too common, and you can not always get rid of their sources. Improved ventilation will improve the quality indoor air in case of chemical pollutants or gases. However, many air pollutants in the indoor fall inward from the street, so open windows in the polluted city – not a good idea. The third step – buy an air purifier. There are many types and brands of air purifiers. But it is very difficult to find what is best suited to your particular situation. Some popular air cleaners, sold in the market is not very effective, and many air purifiers are actually exacerbate the problems that they need to be addressed.