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The Honorable Society not only uses the innovative car purchase system with low rates and high discounts. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. contributes greatly to this topic. The ray Connetti GmbH Pforzheim starts from 01.10.2007 as well with the Europe-wide marketing of car lease purchase vehicles via the Internet platform. Read additional details here: cardiologist. All vehicles and models can be booked with high discounts (up to 30 percent). The current rates are very reasonable. Interest accrues no model for this lease. Duration 36 months 60. After the end of the contract passed the vehicle at the agreed price. The often occurring problems in the lease transfer is therefore omitted.

From the outset it is a conventional contract hire. Optionally, the vehicle insurance pool the vehicle fleet can be insured. Fully comprehensive insurance costs are 1% of the manufacturer’s list price; but at least 300,00 euro. The vehicle is then approved via our partner companies and insured. Thus, for example, PF are”Pforzheim flag Europe possible. Ray Connetti GmbH – Park Street 18-75175 Pforzheim – Tel.