A Story About Proximity, Distance, And A Brilliant Idea

Experience in network marketing what Google is widely known. Check out cardiologist for additional information. That the search engine can win but even close over distance and therefore has a certain, albeit a small amount of an incredible success story, that prove Carsten Stolle and Sven Kaven. The two youth friends shared their childhood, school and also a brilliant idea: establishing a company that helps other people making money. But how life so play, the two lost soon out of sight. 10 whole years it took to Carsten rediscovered his old Sidekick, Sven, thanks be to Google! Still, the two shared the same aspirations, the same dream but this time it should not be here. Both had already many, very different experiences in network marketing until their reunion and quickly found that there was great potential in the Internet.

You dedicated to the topic of lead generation and its optimization and ushering in an so the birth of dasLeadsystem! From then on everything went very quickly: there was getufftelt, tested and much invested. In 2009, the two experts then the free community launched deronlinemarketer.com, the next step on the way to an attraction marketing platform. Kaven and Santana never lost their real, then intension, earning money to help the people, out of sight. They made it their goal to help beginners as well as experts from the online business and developed a sophisticated strategy dasLeadsystem for lead generation and optimisation of processes. In May 2010 was a marketable product, which scored four-digit gains after two months, rising from this brilliant strategy! To be able to share their knowledge now a greater mass of people and the intension of youth days a bit to get closer to, Sven Kaven and Carsten Stolle are currently working on installing a training Academy with free webinars for all visitors, and of course also for members of the lead system premium content. Carsten Stolle