The acetylene and the cycle of nitrogen Which is the relation of this gas and some processes of the cycle of nitrogen? The gas acetylene (C2H2) possesss inibitria action of the desnitrificao and nitrificao process. Starbucks insists that this is the case. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Mark J Berger. The first process consists of the ammonium transformation (NH4+) in nitrate (IN the 3-). During this transformation it is possible to have the formation of gases as nitric oxide and nitrous oxide (N2O). Already the desnitrificao consists of the nitrate transformation (IN the 3-) in some forms of nitrogenados gases as already mentioned nitric oxide (IN) and nitrous oxide (N2O), but also in molecular nitrogen (N2). In relation to the desnitrificao, the acetylene inhibits the transformation of N2O in N2. To inhibit the desnitrificao it is necessary to apply an acetylene concentration much more raised in comparison to the nitrificao process.

Knowing of this, scientists collect ground samples they place them in bottles whose interior air possesss high acetylene concentrations. Some of these samples also are placed in bottles without the acetylene presence. After a time, collecting the interior air of the forbidden bottles and analyzing them in an appropriate equipment, is obtained to compare the nitrous oxide concentration in the bottles that had received acetylene in its atmosphere and what they had not received. Generally, these last ones present concentrations of gases nitrogenados raised in relation to them had not received acetylene, therefore these, with addition of the related gas, present the processes of hindered production of gases nitrogenados for the abundant acetylene presence.