Angel – Medium ASTA Lenoa Is Da

With channels, energy work, medium of the angels and of the universe, ASTA Lenoa knows his craft. ASTA Lenoa is active in many areas of spirituality since he was 17. “ASTA Lenoa:” to help people in difficult situations and to support them with light and love is my calling. My desire is suffering and worry to fix it. Together we create.” Thus he has found his way to Astrocarta, the Astroline working exactly according to this motto: help people is a vocation, and this is the love. We serve not the commercialism of the aid and the compensation is made. ASTA Lenoa works in many areas and this very professionally and sensitively. In each consultation is the seeker in the Center and is strengthened again from the conversation.

His work is as medium of the angels and the universe supports, making the abilities and the channels very precise and gives clear answers. ASTA Lenoa has enormous Heilerenergieen. He is privy to this Usui Reiki, Drachenreiki, Goldreiki, etc. in many Reikisystemen such as z.Bsp. use and disclose. These energies will be sent very intensively even remotely z.Bsp.

through the phone. He can get in touch with the Unterbusstsein and solve existing blockages. ASTA Lenoa is for you. W & W – telecommunications Annemarie Weiss rose way 15a 17495 Zussow Tel. / fax: 038355 66560 site: E-Mail: