Some are lucky enough to not experience acne as you walk the bridge of puberty to youth, however for many people today, the increased hormonal activity during puberty is one of the main reasons behind the outbreaks of acne during adolescence. When it appears in your life it does not matter the causes of acne, the important thing is how to stop acne outbreaks and continue not happening every day. Wait a day your face not showing acne is the hope that moves these young people to try different remedies, treatments and creams against pimples and acne. But as get rid of pimples, or at least reduce the number of new outbreaks in our face? Below is a list of tips easy to follow that you should take into account and follow if you want to improve your face acne. Depending on many factors, some tips are more beneficial than others but you should just try to follow most of these tips: Reduce stress: I know that it is difficult to reduce the stress and the concern that this same disease causes but stress is one of the factors that worsen the acne. When you feel stress, a hormone called cortisol begins to occur and worsen your acne. Relax and learn how to meditate even 15 minutes a day.

Remember that your goal is a clean acne face. Antioxidants: Antioxidants such as green tea are very effective in reducing inflammation of the skin and soothe the infection. Antioxidants also improve flexibility and skin health. Sleeps: If you do not rest properly it is likely that lack of sleep cause you stress (and more acne). He always sleeps at the same time and rests for at least 8 hours a day. Water: Take as much water as you can. Water helps the body eliminate toxic agents and other unwanted chemicals, also hydrates and softens your skin.

Cosmetics: Uses cosmetics that do not clog the pores of your skin and worsen your acne condition. Preferably use natural cosmetics. Avoid fatty foods: These foods can cause a greater production of sebum and consequently more outbreaks of acne and pimples. Preferably avoid these fatty foods and junk food. So also avoids any food that causes you believe an increase in your breakouts, for example, if you think that eating spicy food, chocolate, butter worsen your acne, stop eating these foods. The truth is that none of these tips is the miracle cure that will go away your acne, but if they are tips that you must follow if you want to improve the health of your skin and reduce acne outbreaks. Some, such as eliminating toxins from the skin help acne creams to penetrate better and have better results. Others, such as avoid fatty foods can reduce acne outbreaks. Don’t think that you will find a single cure which ended with acne, they are several changes that you need to do to survive youth controlling acne and then just as I go to your life, will disappear.