Archival Shelving

Shelves are made from virtually any material, at most, they are storage or archival. Storage racks, in turn, are subdivided into pallets and shelving. Pallet racks are used in primarily for storage of goods on pallets. For more information see Carl Rogers. Shelving – Storage unit loads of various size and weight. Warehouse shelving racks made of galvanized steel or metal parts, covered with powder paint. They can withstand the load from 150 to 300 kg per shelf. Cargo to be stored on these shelves do not need to pack on pallets.

Shelving racks differ mainly in the dimensions, cargo weight and carrying capacity. They are intended for manual loading. Warehouse shelving racks are several subspecies. The most common of them – Universal rack. He distinguished easily, the height and width. These racks are mounted without the help of special anchorages, and for assembly and disassembly do not need tools.

Warehouse pallet racks are designed for storing goods on pallets. The most common type are the inline pallet racks. They are intended for storing different kinds of products on pallets 800×1200 mm 1000h1200 mm, as well as auxiliary and special cargo containers and devices. Archival shelving is considered one of the most common species, among metal shelving. And it is not surprising, because archival shelving can be used in a variety of destinations, from the organization secure storage of archive documentation to saving of material values. Archival shelving is very simple and easy to assemble. They are great to transport and install saves much valuable office space. In addition, archival shelving can be easily installed virtually in any individual on space planning, as may be collected from any angle. It is not difficult to adjust itself and adjust the height of the shelves and the number of floors of the rack.