Audi Tt Gt4

New submissions come from the hand of Audi. Little more than one month ago came to light the TT RS, a car modified for competition that would make the TT surname to return to competition, once this model would step to the A4 in the German DTM Championship last season 2003. Taking as an example to this, developed on a TT of street, now they present TT GT4, a last that counts with the development and support of Quattro Gmbh. The Germans have been unwilling to reveal that it hides this little guy under your hood, might prefer to reserve this for potential customers, but assumes that he rides the TFSI 340c.v. joined the S-Tronic transmission with differential lock. Official site: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. It is also known that suspensions have been modified to mount a few cushions adjustable in height, as well as a new 18-inch wheels. As the GT4 is oriented for use in racing, he has dispensed with all unnecessary inside the car, leaving only a brief dash and installing a fire and a homologated protective cage.

Aesthetically takes part of the aerodynamic kit from the TT RS, something you can see in front and rear aprons as well as the rear spoiler, manufactured with the same compounds but more discreet than in the TT RS. The GT4 will be a car geared for potential European and Asian customers, but they will have to be a few potentially wealthy clients since it will be precisely given. Anyone who wants to play with this beauty will have to disburse around 120,000, a figure somewhat high according to Audi it considers more than affordable. No doubt not be him, even more so if we know that Quattro Gmbh is back. Original author and source of the article