Aunt Nadia

The grandmother laid the table and invited me to lunch. But eating is also not wanted, and I was sitting on a plate for a long time picking it with a fork trying to get a piece as small as possible. "Why did not you eat vnuchenka?" – Asked the grandmother, noting my sluggish movement. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. or emailing the administrator. "Children should eat to grow" – she said, sitting closer. "I'm something you do not want there" – I said, pushing the plate in the middle of the table, and began to cry. My grandmother moved closer stroked my head and asked. "What happened? ".

"Grandma, but how is Aunt Nadia?"-Suddenly I asked. "I think that's all right" – said the grandmother, when you eat breakfast run to the river, and I'll go to the post office will call your mother, for one, and ask what's up with your favorite Aunt Nadya darling "- she smiled and said my grandmother left the kitchen. I calmed down and began to eat up everything that was on the plate. Finishing tea, I kissed my grandmother grabbed a towel and ran to the creek. There were already all. We swam, sunbathing, playing games, in general, the day was fun, only time from the time the smiling face of Aunt Nadya, rose before me, and I calmed down for a moment, tears in his eyes appeared, and I wanted to run away somewhere where no one living soul and cry out there, in silence and solitude. In the evening I asked my grandmother what she has learned, my grandmother did not say anything, just looked down and stroked my head and sighed.

That night I dreamed again Aunt Nadya, she would be removed from me and became less and less until he was gone. In the morning, my appetite was even worse than before, I simply refused to leave her room and cried all day. At all persuasions grandmother, I just answered, thank you is not necessary, thank you not want to. And that night I dreamed again Aunt Nadya, but not even her face, but her voice distant and unfamiliar. I woke up abruptly bathed in sweat and scream. In my heart-rending cry ran grandmother hugged me to him and wailed: "Oh, darling, well vnuchenka, what are you crying so, what are you so kill". I wiped her tears and said firmly: "How can I not cry my grandmother today, when all were buried in Aunt Nadya, and I'll never see her again." "How do you know my child?" – Asked the grandmother, still stroking my hair. "I know and yet I know that her car crushed to death!". That summer, my favorite is really dear aunt Nadia hit by a car and died. When I matured, I realized that the people we truly love, become, as it related to us the invisible spiritual thread of our love connects us. This and other articles you can read and discuss here