Avoid Ignorance And Get Money

The work, in essence, it is not hard and tedious work, it’s some kind of deal. Salary shows us that we stand for something. And of course, it allows us to buy everything you need for life. Or almost everything. Next, we see that the reliability is important, but reliability in itself – this understanding. Insecurity – this ignorance. When a person feels insecure, cause this just ignorance. He was not sure. Those who know, feel protected. People who do not know, believe in luck. Person experiences insecure when he does not know whether to sack him or not. And this is concerned. Also occurs in other cases of insecurity. Let’s see how we can fix this situation that affects our security in life. There is the indisputable truth, and they are time-tested, when any of us makes daily work with joy and enormous enthusiasm, then he is always in good spirits and has in addition an enormous vitality. Watch for creative people, this is the cohort of people who do their job with gusto.

The trouble is that in our country do not have the kind of genius his due, but basically – they are the most vulnerable stratum of old age years. They fully believe in the possibility of lives without enough money even Tesha themselves and loved ones so quaint, like – ‘not about money, happiness. ” But we all long been clear that without them in modern society to live is not easy. Why we are giving yourself make a fool repeating communist slogans and fear honestly admit their ignorance? Of course, happiness is not money, but they can live with dignity in the community where the benefits are for a certain number of trademarks, the company put on his collar welfare of people, access to which have only had the money.