Awareness Of Gaps

In the course of the day we see and hear a series of changing things that happen one after the other. When we realized for the first time be seeing something or hear a sound (and much more) if it is unknown, prior to the mind map name or interpret it, usually there is a vacuum of intense attention in which occurs the perception. This is the interior space. The duration of that vacuum varies from one person to another. It is easy to overlook it because, in many cases, are extremely brief gaps, perhaps a second or less. What happens is the following: when there is an image or a new sound, there is a brief interruption in the usual torrent of thoughts in the first moment of perception. Consciousness deviates from the thought because you need it to detect a perception. A picture or a very strange sound can leave us dumb, even inside us.

That is causing a vacuum long. The frequency and duration of those spaces determines our ability to enjoy life, to feel the inner connection with other human beings and nature. It also determines our degree of freedom from the ego, because the ego implies a total unawareness of the dimension of the space. When we take conscience of these gaps as they occur naturally, gradually extend and we experience more often the joy of perceiving, without the interference of thought. Then the world is renewed, cheerful and lively. While more we perceive the world through mental screen abstraction and conceptualisation, inert and kind becomes. Original author and source of the article