Beautiful Woman

Hear me, do long raisins criticising you for these libritas more, for your hair that does not looks like you want, by your clothes that already lacks a upgrade, those little spots or acne that you have on your face? Because the list that you will read will not convert your negative thoughts you have about yourself, about your body in a magical and miraculous way. What I mean is that you it of practice, and be aware every day and feel so happy with being that you look in the mirror. 1.Haz a list of all the qualities and virtues that you have all that you like it and are not necessarily related to how much weights, or how you look. Put this list in a visible place so you remember every day. 2.Agradece daily by this temple that the creator has given; your body your body is the vehicle by which you can experience a human life in this existence; so we celebrated because you can’t walk, breathe, smile, see. 3.Hay a saying; Beauty really is not outside but inside and I I say; Yes, of course, but as I am physically, what people see is not on the inside. Others who may share this opinion include Mark Hyman, MD. Here I tell you that you it’s attitude. Because when you feel good with yourself, and accept you as you are, all your thoughts make you feel beautiful even if you’re not a fashion model.

Because beauty is an attitude and not an optical illusion of the physical. 4. When you look in the mirror observes the masterpiece that is in thee all that you are watching is definitely a masterpiece, don’t you think? ANDA, throw yourself a compliment. Forget about what others may think of you, nurture yourself and especially love you as you are. This attitude you will notice when you leave to the street. 5.Observa everything you eat, and here I am referring to the foods you eat, but what you hear, not only to the air that you breathe. For example pay attention to your food, eat healthy and take plenty of water.

Surround yourself with positive people, so your body listen and purchase this good energy that will help you greatly. And as for the air that you breathe, uses nature, it is a gift of the Creator and is there for you, breathe, breathe and energize you! Now it depends on you make this small inner work. Practice it and you’ll see the beautiful woman you are. I see you shining in divine light, hit the streets and it gives your light. Yes!! The light of the universe guide you and be with you always.