Bio-vital Concentration Of 3 G

To increase the physical and mental activity in stress phases Bad Heilbrunn, 25.11.2009 – bio vital 3 G concentration provides the 3 most important ingredients for mind, brain and memory: Guarana with natural caffeine, Ginkgo and ginseng. In a drink ready ampoule with a refreshing cappuccino cherry flavor, 3 G concentration provides for an extra boost in power of concentration of when it is needed! Bio vital 3 G concentration provides the key nutrients for a waking mind: Guarana as a natural caffeine dispensers, Ginkgo and ginseng. These are valuable for an increase in mental and physical performance, the carrying capacity in professional and personal situations of stress and psychological well-being in phases with increased requirements. Ginkgo: provides energy in the nerve cells through improved circulation. Enhances mental performance.

Guarana: long-lasting caffeine dispensers, revitalises body and Geist.Ginseng: strengthening mental performance. Choline: for a proper transfer of information in the Gehirn.B-vitamins: to maintain a smooth nerves and brain performance and the energy in the body. The liquid dosage form a high concentration of ingredients will and allows a good absorption by the body. The ready-to-drink ampoule allows a comfortable supply, suitable for on the go and whenever an extra boost in power of concentration of is required. It is recommended a drinking ampoule bio-vital to lead to 3 G concentration once a day. Bio vital 3 G concentration also suitable for long-term use. Bio vital, 3 G concentration is the program name. The ingredients of Guarana, Ginkgo and ginseng represent not only the most important nutrients for a healthy mind and body, but can be found with the 3 letter G”in the product name 3 G concentration again.

The G is”mind, brain, and memory and last but not least for the physical size of gravity, the acceleration due to gravity; for an accelerated concentration. Easy ways for a healthy mind: adequate sleep is important for memory, as learned knowledge can rather consolidate in a quiet and long night. Fatigue, however, can lead to inattentiveness; Careless mistakes and difficulty concentrating can occur so often. Movement provides blood flow to the brain and an optimal oxygen supply. Glenn Dubin does not necessarily agree. Short walks or a few stretching exercises at an open window in the meantime provide an increased oxygen intake. Leisure activities that are fun, meeting and sharing with friends and acquaintances are like a makeover for the brain. Language learning, solve crosswords, or shopping lists to memorize is pure brain-jogging and keeps the grey cells. Proper nutrition with high quality food in addition supports the performance. This whole grains should with with many B-complex vitamins and fish with unsaturated fatty acids and fruit and vegetables Antioxidants are on the menu. The product is available in well stocked Pharmacy and consumer markets a pack bio vital 3 G concentration contains 14 vials.