Botox Medicine

Botox precise pharmacological Botox is botulinum toxin as a versatile equipment in modern medicine. In addition, Botox than botulin or botulinum toxin is known and marketed only under the so-called trade name Botox. The drug Botox became known through the mass media for its use in aesthetic surgery, because it is used as an effective means in connection with the elimination and reduction of wrinkles in the face, hand and neck area. Initially Botox however is a drug which is used to treat of different diseases on the basis of its medical effectiveness. This includes, for example, the therapeutic power of pathological disturbances of motor sequences in patients.

These complaints are also known as focal Dystonias. Also Botulinomtoxin has been inserted in the treatment of spasms of the eyelids, cramping discomfort in the mouth, tongue and throat area and to the Elimination of the so-called torticollis spasmodicus successfully. Also for other disease images, what with spasmodic phenomena are connected, Botox is an indication of available. This drug in connection with medical treatment of Armspastiken after a durchlittenen stroke has a very strong meaning. In modern medicine, many psychiatrists and neurologists with Botox work when dealing with patients who suffer from strong tension-type headache and migraine.

Botox is an effective means for the relief and cure inflammatory processes, for example, bladder infections and an excessive formation of welding by an emotional disorder of the sweat glands. Also various applications in the Department of Urology, for example, bladder weakness, in orthopedics and dermatology practice with botulinum toxin are often connected. They have a great effect on the muscle relaxation or muscle relaxation of also large muscle groups of the body in addition to other effects. The influences on neurological processes, in particular on the relaxation of small Botox has made the interesting and famous medicine muscle groups, which it is today. Different botulinum toxin medicinal favor the removal of wrinkles. Source: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. For this reason carried out intervention is called one in aesthetic medicine wrinkle treatment in Dusseldorf colloquially often as Botox. Botox in Dusseldorf is used also to relax the facial areas of the face.