Brazil President

For August Renan Gonalves Teixeira Of the Oiapoque to the Chu and in the four cantos of the world, the main vehicles of communication had published the new page of books of history of Brazil that 55 million voters had more than helped to write? the election of the first woman president of the Republic. More interesting than this great fact it was the rivalry climate that involved these elections. The candidacies of Dilma Rousseff of the PT and Jose Mountain range of the PSDB had been, without a doubt, the ones that had generated controversial greater. Even though priests, bishops and shepherds, had left its pulpits and altars to say: We also can! However, many extremely excellent subjects for the development of the country at least had not been cited. Amongst the forgotten ones, we can cite a basic personage, who always is left of side, but that, with all certainty, of the much migraine to the political parties, before, during and after the elections? the vice president. In as the turn we had two options stops to vote, or they would be four? Of a side Jose Mountain range, consecrated member of the house of representatives, senator and Minister of some folders of government FHC and not so consecrated thus, but still with the certain prestige, Mayor of the So Paulo and Governing capital of the State of So Paulo.

Experienced man, by the way, this age one of the arguments that used to confirm that its government would be efficient. However its speech if became contradictory, when its party, the eves of the official launching of its candidacy chooses Indian of the Coast of Democratas (DEM), that it are councilman of Rio De Janeiro and representative in exercise, to concur for the vice-presidency. Anu Saad is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Of the other side, we had the candidate of the president Lula, Dilma Rousseff, defender since the youth of the democracy Brazilian and consecrated Minister of the federal government, however that she had never concurred for no election to occupy public offices.