Buying Foreign Property

Recently, more and more Russians want to buy property abroad, not at home, such astonishing vigor of citizens of other countries. If no time buying a property in Egypt was the lot of mostly affluent citizens, but today, after the financial recovery in Russia, is not something that many entrepreneurs, but also the ordinary Russian, with a good level of profit, are massively buying real estate in Europe. If you would like to know more about Carl Jung, then click here. Do I need to think about if average price of a one-room apartment in an ordinary house in Moscow near the station. Metro 'Belarus' without a modern European-quality repair, one hundred and seventy thousand euro. Then, as an elite prestigious villa on the shores of Bulgaria, in the resort Varna, with views from the sea, a garage for cars and a swimming pool can be bought for about the same cost. Not take into account regions such as Egypt – where the beautiful villa in Hurghada, with two bedrooms and two baths can be taken only for 55 thousands of dollars.

Today, much more profitable to buy real estate in Europe than in the large domestic city without fighting it is about those places that are among the most expensive cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Except factor that the registration of real estate in the world – in all ways a good investment of resources to make large profits from a profitable resale – usually it is profitable when the real estate taken during the primary zastraivaniya, that is 'foundation' – or on the transfer of your property.