Car Trade In Germany

Be bigger, be different or get out! Do we get American relationships? Do we get American relationships? The market situation in England is today already delayed but very clear the US American automobile trade situation reflected. Clearly it is also that successful American Group of England, not least against the background of the language as a”pilot” for Europe use and have already successfully occupied. In mainland Europe, the international in strong competition among the large Europeans have occupied already strategic test sites. Results from our surveys that more than two-thirds of all car House entrepreneurs currently face the task according to the rule: “be bigger, be different or get out”. According to Dr Jee Hyun Kim, who has experience with these questions. The current market situation in Germany, the future legacy generated pressure”such as short certificates, signed out demonstration vehicles, used cars, Leasingrucklaufer…und uberzahlte last but not least the consequences to be expected by the failure to reach of the targets and thus linked to risk of Sales AIDS and bonuses, allow many companies currently not strategically aligned thinking. This coincides also with all studies our colleagues that within the next two years, approximately 5,000 dealers will leave the market.

“Understandably, many car House entrepreneurs act according to the motto: eyes to and through”. The task is often viewed as a personal challenge and liquidity deficits from the stemming (if still available) closed. “From my point of view, but is only partly attributable to the entrepreneur as a person and cannot be resolved by this also purely objectively considered: there remains that be different even for the only from our perspective alternative for the individual dealership”, little creative freedom. “This claim must be exactly: best business in town”, to secure sufficient income and therefore the future. Some entrepreneurs in this situation have already successfully incorporated into major groups and thus once again set itself a feasible framework for action.

Why the mega dealers grow so much and why are the privately owned car House groups economically successful as manufacturer branches. This issue we went after passed very intense weeks in the and have come here to results and success factors, which surprised us all in their simplicity: it is the system dealership. Subordinated has hardware here”meaning; “as building showroom facility, DMS…: it is the software” the system dealership: the stringent, and all sites integrated equally emotional as structurally distinct implementation of customer acquisition and meeting quality. Is enriched this through the local site manager regional additional use generates. Against this background we got deeper into the causal relationship between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and business success. This can be successfully to personally and individually in entrepreneur-run car dealerships by the chef. For us, it was of course important to know, what are the Success factors for the successful ability to multiply and sustainable implementation and seizures at different sites different brands and markets: it is the valuable combination of general basic concept in the dealer group and the multiplication with the personality of the corresponding site manager. Under these conditions, mega dealers are increasingly occupying local sites with distinctive competitive advantages to the best place. Bundled with synergies from fixed cost degression and rising purchasing power the large well established market position in Germany will increase significantly.