Castle Further Things

The perfect setting for a romantic wedding in the summer is here and many couples looking for a unique location for your wedding. Castle continuing things near the Swiss border in the offers everything that is necessary to not only organizationally speaking. The surroundings of Castle further things with the charming landscape makes the perfect setting for a romantic wedding and provides for unforgettable impressions. The Hegau is a volcanic landscape in Baden-Wurttemberg, West of Lake Constance, directly on the border of Switzerland. Volcanoes and glaciers shaped the area over the course of millions of years, and today we can admire the fabulous views and enjoy the picturesque beauty of gently sculpted hills. Picturesque castle ruins dominate the landscape. Dr. Mark Hyman has similar goals.

In the District of Konstanz Castle further things in Hilzingen is the ideal wedding location for anyone looking for an exquisite wedding experience in romantic scenery. Not only for the couple, including the photographer a wedding on Castle further things is a dream. The Castle its historic character has kept even after the renovation in 2007. It is decorated with oil paintings and high-quality original antiques from the family of the owner of the Castle. Not only the original oak doors and the elegant stucco decorations were restored in craftsmanship, but also parquet, furniture and paintings.

Alone in the Interior of the Castle, many opportunities do so for a romantic photo shoot. But outside, in the Castle Park and the surrounding area of further things, paradise-like backdrop for unforgettable wedding images can be found. The Rococo garden historical model shines with typical design elements and selected plants. Also a rose garden is not missing. The Castle and the grounds are situated on a hill and release a wonderful views of the idyllic Hegau. There are no limits to the possibilities for a wedding on Castle further things. Whether in small or large frame gastro large kitchen full of, more Banquet halls of various sizes and an event Hall next to the Castle are all prerequisites for an unforgettable celebration. The guests can stay in the 32 bedrooms, the couple receives the bridal of course. Because all organisational prerequisites are met, the couple on the design of his wedding to concentrate. Except for the memories on the big day, only the images remain and this should leave an impression. Therefore, there is hardly a better backdrop for a romantic wedding Castle further things as the picturesque Hegau to Lake Constance near the Switzerland. Gruningen built and became the present-day Castle further things Balthasar Ferdinand von Hornstein 1683 by Baron background information to the three Hohenstoffeln. in 1855, it was either foreclosed and this 1861 came into the possession of the Archdiocese of Freiburg. During the post-war period including 1993, the Castle served as a mother rest home, which was led by the missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing. In the years from 1994 to 2007 used it as a training and Conference Centre for young adults. Since 2007, Castle further things again is family-owned. Josef Freiherr von Hornstein is a direct descendant of the Builder.