If fat cells begin to increase in volume, connective fibers, respectively, are stretched. But only up to a certain extent. When this limit is reached, the cells begin to thicken in an attempt to prevent further stretching the skin. Compacted, they are at the joints with the skin tighten its mouth, creating an uneven surface. Appearance of internal problems to see how cellulite threatens you personally, enough to collect two fingers in the fold leather thigh. Manifested the characteristic form of orange peel – hence, there is the first sign of incipient cellulite.

It should be understood that the cellulite – not just external flaw. This kind of signal body, warning that the wrong way of life may harm not only the beauty but also health. At the initial stage of cellulite is almost imperceptible, although the body has already begun the process of fluid retention, disrupted normal feeding skin cells and excretion of their metabolic products. The consequences of such changes on the long in coming: because of the accumulation of toxins gradually squeezed vessels lymph ducts, and nerve end. Deteriorating blood and dilate capillaries in problem areas, blood flow slows down, there is a swelling of the tissues. Fat cells gradually accumulate. Naturally, the more their size, the more they squeezing the blood and lymph vessels. The skin becomes pale and lifeless, inelastic, dense to the touch, and orange peel are already visible to the naked eye. Under the influence of toxins and fluid pressure with time can begin the process of destruction of the cells themselves, their walls become thicker and harder.