It is used in barbecue, barbecue, grills, fireplaces, fireside. And the use of such renewable energy and raw materials such as wood and charcoal, helps reduce Activate-Rosov greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which was noted in the materials of the Kyoto Protocol. And in Russia, in the presence of "green gold" – forests – there are big chances to maintain ecological balance. Birch wood coal use: The real use of it as fuel, burning without flame and smoke, began with the advent of metallurgy. In our time it is used in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy (for aluminum and boron). Just charcoal is used in various fields of human activity in the production of pure silicon, carbon disulfide, glass, crystal, paints, electrodes, plastics, polymers, production of drugs in medicine, active carbon, as well as a fuel in household (specific heat 31,5-34 mj / kg). In addition, charcoal is used for agriculture and animal husbandry. When erecting buildings coal used as an innovative material for hydro, thermal insulation.

And thanks to the excellent adsorbing properties of birch wood charcoal is used for various treatment processes. Derived products from processing charcoal are used for water purification, beverages and alcohol products, and more. In today's world, where there is a constant shortage of free time and there is a struggle for ecology wood birch charcoal increasingly used for cooking – grilled on an open fire: in restaurants, catering and leisure. Charcoal is perfect for cooking a variety of gastronomic specialties, best suited for cooking kebabs (meat, fish, poultry, etc.) used on the grill, grills, barbecue, barbecue, fireplaces, and furnaces of all kinds, including solid fuel fired boilers and systems for lighting otopleniyai samovar.