Charles Melman

But that today this division this relativized the particularitities of each one, not existing plus a standard. that this is a new form of to be, where if desires without wanting, where if it acts only for desire, in inconsequential way. Jorge Forbes also says that the generation previous it was marked by the rule of that the parents would have to say everything to the children and that these would only have to fulfill obligations they understood if them. But that much thing that we want of our children will be understood by them, and that the parents need to learn to be more arbitrary. The psychoanalyst Charles Melman says that today the mental health already more than does not originate the harmony with the ideal of each one, but of the object that can bring satisfaction, that does not have more limits. That each one can satisfy its passions public, counting on the social recognition.

According to it, the press and the media had substituted the sources of wisdom of long ago, from there resulting a manipulable individual. Because in this permissive society all the authority figures seem abusive even though, as if they did not occupy more its place, the place of the father in the family. Today, what we see, they are our young ones if vangloriando for the biggest amount of people with which ' ' ficaram' ' during a night, as if this became them more complete and respected people. Young saying ' ' I am of nobody, I am of everybody, and everybody is mine also. But, passed effect of the drink or the drug, the descompromissados kisses, or noitadas with partners and the partners that nor will be capable to recognize in the following day, they charge its price. The therapeutical doctor’s offices are full of young that complains of the solitude, of the absence of interest of the people and the rejection.