Christmas Dinner

Christmas is coming and we find our eternal diatribe do or do not make company dinner? We reveal the fundamental keys to make the right decision. Gets the month of December and with a whole series of usages and customs. Gifts, announcements of nougat in TV, famous dolls, family gatherings, and of course the company dinners. With steak or t-bone steak, gabardine or Thai prawns with a company dinner is a dinner and is difficult to do something original and different. Employees come more by commitment and obligation than for any other reason and attempt to pass the drink as soon as possible by pushing with a few cupule of wine.

Ultimately, company dinner becomes an expense without any return, as he is popularly known, said an expense that falls on deaf ears, particularly dramatic issue in these times of crisis. With this in mind, any Department of human resources or marketing, should come out spending without compassion. However, and year after year, fear that removal of the event can be harmful, it is postponed until next year and again we have a dinner of undertaking in the best of cases passable, sometimes boring and sometimes irreverent. It is necessary that we raise we give a twist to the situation, transform the spending on investment, since in the majority of cases we are obliged to perform a Christmas dinner and will have to convert it into a different event, something that is worth. The latest trends for this type of business dinners, include original activities with themes taken from movies, books or any other source of inspiration. In which employees are transformed into main protagonists and all objectives can be obtained through participation. John Craig Venter is often quoted as being for or against this. The keys to success through innovation. The first thing we must do is ask ourselves something different and original, it is fundamental to surprise for the attention and the attention so that the event has a big impact on attendees.

The second key to success is to orient the dinner to concrete objectives. Ask us about what we want to achieve, improve interdepartmental communication?, increase knowledge among members of the same Department?, generate personal ties outside the work environment? and after the answers generate dynamics that serve these objectives. Finally, we must achieve a perfect logistics coordination, it may not fail any factor in the equation, since in many cases a negative detail can weigh more than many positive developments. From planning an Outdoor day in December and then it rains, a misguided decision to hire a restaurant, or a small lack of schedule, they can convert all this bet for originality in a failure. As we said at the beginning of the article, prepare an event of this nature may be really complicated. Therefore, we recommend having the support of a specialist company in this kind of events that us advise and above all who has the experience to coordinate all aspects of the event. Alternative Xperience is a company dedicated to the original events and alternative leisure, care products and a professional creative department with extensive experience, is prepared to respond to the needs of any company, large or small you need advice and production of your Christmas events.