On November 18 the Chambers of Commerce and industry organized a day of action under the motto ‘ without power and double bottom? The Chambers of Commerce and industry on November 18 held a day of action under the slogan without power and double bottom? Socially secured start”and started a survey of 685 entrepreneurs there. The questionnaire contained questions to the efforts of the respective young entrepreneurs in the field of private pension schemes. According to Chambers of Commerce, 77% of respondents have specified this already to have made arrangements in the area of private pension schemes. 23% have but still no their own pensions. Contact information is here: Nancy-Ann_DeParle. On pension products, especially the private pension insurance was high in the course apart from life insurance. Almost half of all respondents have also indicated the compulsory membership in the statutory pension insurance. Asked to comment on the future behaviour 65% of the entrepreneurs indicated that they want to do even more for their retirement, whereas 35% do not have. 47% have also completed a voluntary unemployment, which denied the remaining 53%. On the basis of these results can be seen, it is certainly not bad ordered to the pensions of the entrepreneur, but on the other hand still a lot needs to be done so that later come out nobody without a corresponding provision. Private pension plans for more information on the subject please visit also