Company Crises

CONFIDENTIAL memorandum # 061 exclusive for the management at that moment your company enters or EXITS the CRISIS Crisis: an extraordinary event, or a series of events, which affects differently the integrity or sale and/or profitability of its products, services, reputation or credibility in the suitability of its leaders/commanders or the financial stability of the Organization; and/or health or present or future welfare of its workers, the community or the general public. BASES: The value of all the companies global corporations or SMEs-, lies less in physical or tangible assets, such as factories, buildings, machinery, equipment, patents, inventories, volumes of sales, etc., while its intangible assets such as employment stability, knowledge, capabilities, seniority and experience of their employees, quality and image controls and their managers and/or the labour environment human and moral than they CREATED, as well as confidence in their performance by the financial sector. Add to this, the quality of treatment and compliance with dispensed to customers, the positioning of its products and/or services, public image of the company, etc., all of which are increasingly important, to determine the real value of the business and constitute assurance whether or not, the good name or reputation (good will) of the company and selling the image of future survival today rather than never mentioned intangible values are so important, that to succeed in the market, each year the companies invest millions in advertising, with the aim of improving their image in front of your customers (campaigns of the best place to work or proudly highlighting the value of loyalty and seniority of their workers, for example). Nothing sells more if same as picture! A company or its products and/or services without image against the customer or target user, must resort to strategies such as costly promotions, discounts or discount prices, gifts, waive penalties, wasteful sale deadlines, prizes, raffles, hidden commissions, etc., in order to sell to examine the reasons for the continued commercial success even in the Crisis, is that usually employers and clients, prefer associate their purchasing decisions companies (really buy his people) and/or long lasting brands, with feeling or selling them back and future.