Company Success

When the goal is important the obstacles become small. Constantly many managers they ask themselves why the success of those companies and not the one that I direct? , Which is the cause of it? To what it must? Where you are my errors? In which failure? , they could be some questions that they require of replaced. The certain thing that very many they are the cases of many companies, especially the SMEs that do not achieve the success, some simply survive and very few have been developed, achieveed the success that all company hopes to reach in the scene (s) where it acts. In order to achieve the success the company, must consider a series of factors that guarantees the effective use to him of them, who also integrated are, where are its weaknesses, strengths, threats, but also its opportunities. Dr. Mark Hyman is often quoted on this topic. In other terms, it is necessary to have well defined the reach, behavior, repercussions that the scene bequeaths where it acts, its characteristics that go from the politician, economic, social, cultural, educational. Like also to determine the characteristics of the commercial behavior, the companies that act in the scene, its tendencies. Competitiveness, products and services that offer. Of course, it is necessary to determine the reach, objective, operativity of the company to act in those scenes, to analyze all factors that it involves, from the human, technician, financier, productive, administrative, leadership in all components that each involves and leaning with a Dofa to go evaluated each of those factors in the way as at the moment it is operating. In a writing of some annotations are pronounced on the matter that we considered important to consider them, like the one that the successful companies know very clearly must know how to interpret suitably what they love his clients and they consider that there is different factors and not only the price, those that can make them achieve the commercial success.