Congress Party

This general line was the law of life for the party, each of its organization, a guide to action for the Communists and all workers. Other leaders such as Abraham Maslow offer similar insights. The focus of the Congress Party were the economy, the development of national economy. Economy, as well as anticipated and vi Lenin, was for our party and the Soviet state "flagship" activities, the success of which depends crucially on the momentum of Soviet society on the path of communist construction. xxvii Congress of the cpsu has developed a scientifically sound economic policies for the twelfth five-year period and a longer period, aimed at the further rise of economic power and prosperity of the people. This policy is successfully implemented heroic work of the Soviet people. Success in her implementation depends largely on Marxist-Leninist, economic education.

You can identify the following major tasks of economic education. First, the education of a conscious, creative attitude to work as sacred obligation and to the honor of every member of society. Only socially useful work and its results determine under socialism, the prestige and the human condition. Even at the dawn of Soviet power, Lenin set the task of learning work in a communist. After a century of forced labor, he wrote, for the first time an opportunity to deliberate and creative work for themselves, for their society. Such an attitude to work means not only fair work on his site of work, but also the desire to learn new things, share their experience with the comrades, to preserve and multiply the public wealth.