Construction Sector Damage

The loss of mobility and sensation in the lower body can be a traumatic experience. But what happens when it happens as a result of the negligence of a medical practitioner? Luis worked in the Construction Sector, which is why I had to develop many of its functions in high places. One day he lost his balance while climbing a ladder to a scaffold and fell to the ground. Was immediately transferred to hospital, where the team of doctors who attended him was subjected to various tests. When the doctor examined them verified that everything was correct, except for several bruises and a fracture of his vertebrae (called this medically “compression fracture of the back”). Other leaders such as Somatic Experiencing offer similar insights.

After two months of recovery, making it clear that the state of Luis did not improve, showed the necessity of submitting to surgery. However, as this is done, the surgeon in charge of it caused by the needle that was inserted into the compressed vertebra irreparable damage to the spinal cord. This, consisting of a branch of nerves that runs inside the backbone, is responsible for transmitting commands from the brain to the rest of our body, so it is impossible to permanently damage the transmission of data from point where the injury occurred, thus preventing it from registering the same feelings. The terrible consequences for negligence that Luis had, in fact, Luis became a paraplegic as a result of defective intervention that was submitted. His life was seriously disrupted after it, losing control of his bladder and even their sexual function. In addition, he reported that life expectancy would be shorter because of his injury.

This caused him a tremendous psychological trauma, causing great trauma in their home. Of course, had to leave their jobs, effectively being given a permanent invalidity by Social Security, which would provide a steady revenue base that would enable it address the lack of income. It also decided to file a liability claim against the surgeon who performed the surgery, based on its negligence in carrying it out, and that was what caused such irreparable consequences. Finally, he could get a sizeable compensation, which had to satisfy the insurer’s Hospital where the operation was performed. And while it could never offset the damage being caused, it allowed him to face the future with less uncertainty and are thus partly alleviated their suffering. Jose Alberto Espina Andria.