CorCaroli Ltd

In these cases, attacks CLEAN-SI and provides for the right solution to this disk to delete, without affecting any existing warranty of the manufacturer. We work here with the manufacturers of the disk and take over the full processing of the guarantee for the client, in this case so this sure is that its disk will be sent without his sensitive data to the manufacturer or its service centre. Joint Commission does not necessarily agree. Should a previous data recovery be necessary also this performance against a corresponding reimbursement is possible and of us as a full service for the customer applied, here too we work together where the damage to the plate exceeds our capabilities with an experienced and competent partner to achieve an optimal result for the customer and its data. Some large customers already use this concept, and protect your information from unauthorized eyes and ears. The cost for professional data erasure is including all costs depending on the type of disc not full 0.06 euro per megabyte for cleaning in the our lab or 0.12 euros for cleaning at the customer.

Where we offer a flat rate BBs and USB sticks for the Festplattten from 2 GB up to 80 GB, CD and DVD. In larger quantities, z.B from 3 plates, we create an individual offer for the customers. Through appropriate planning and sufficient warehouse, even numbers are up to 2000 quickly and promptly by us clean plates and back weekdays to provide. For the customer questions about this topic we have set up a free hotline can be reached on 0800 to our hotline hours of 10 am to 4 pm. Just visit our website or simply send us your request from there or send an E-Mail to. Then, as quickly as possible, we will contact you to advise you individually and to develop an optimal solution way to clean the disk. CorCaroli Ltd.

Stresemann str. 21 63450 Hanau Tel: + 49 6181 914458 fax: 01805-625200 CorCaroli Ltd. headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is one of the SINK Internet Services Ltd founded in subsidiary which takes over outgesource tasks in the framework of the activities carried out since 2006 in the project area for external clients and in the area of the Datenver creating but also in the area of the Datenretttung could experience the parent company existing since 1995 a comprehensive NowHow to tagged build. In contrast to other providers, all work of the company exclusively with own staff and carefully validated employees carried out and the used processes validated by external staff on a regular basis on their susceptibility to errors and security vulnerabilities and if necessary on new requirements adapted.