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At the address is a new offering available, which carries out a comprehensive analysis of the German websites. Hundreds of statistical evaluations from a wide range of subjects can be month closely follow developments and trends. Whether it concerns the use of forms, SSL, P3P, or PICS, Web bugs, or the age of Web pages use cookies, the linking of offers, to all these and many other aspects are detailed figures and graphics available. For compiling these statistics, monthly visits home of every hundredth de domain and the relevant characteristics extracted from these currently approx. 120,000 contacts. Not only the HTML pages themselves incorporated into the evaluation, but also other information such as embedded elements, redirects, access via HTTPS or information about the Internet service provider. In this way a very sculptural image of the German domain landscape emerges in their current state as well as in their development, because data are recorded, dating back to mid-2004.

The current Evaluation relates to the month of August 2008 and each is updated at the end of the month. The content of the offer are available under the terms of the Creative Commons license for free. “Oh yes: since mid-2005 the most popular meta keyword holiday is by the way”. Thought’s? About is a project by Ulrich Kuhn, diploma in computer sciences with many years of experience in Internet and Web mining. Contact: See profile!