Culinary Life In London

Traditional English cuisine has never been a true gourmet appetites. It serves almost no fantasy, but full of calories. ‘Full English Breakfast‘ includes, as a rule, eggs with bacon, fried to a crisp, morning sausage or ham, fried too carefully in butter, beans, eggs, fried tomatoes, toast with jam and tea mandatory (it’s a British sense to understand, brewed strong and never diluted with boiling water, only milk). Or consider the traditional oatmeal and all kinds of puddings, roast beef and roast lamb. But this high-calorie ‘bomb’ is a dish of ‘Fish and chips’ (fish and chips): fish fillets Frozen, cooked in a microwave oven and baked in the dough. To him served with french fries (chips), vinegar and salt. All this, of course, can be enjoyed in the British metropolis. But London would not be London, if not loved innovation and experimentation.

One result of these experiments was the New British Cooking – a new British cuisine. It offers traditional English dishes in improved form. The blessing is to borrow ideas from anyone – many immigrants were brought to London recipes from around the world. The masterpieces of the new British cuisine are, for example, lamb crop in chabrechno cream sauce, poultry or fish with artichokes baked with cheese chedderskom. Taste These dishes are available in restaurants Alastair Little Restaurant, named after the creator of the new British cuisine