Dental Treatment

They are also called pseudoprognatismo. Models representing close in centric relation. We see that if it were not for the interference level of the incisors, molar ratio would neutroclusion, but incisor contact to get the patient must PIM jaw forward thereby transformed into a molar ratio of class 3 being false. This dynamic is only possible mandibular see the patient, can occlude the three models in class and not know that this is a false progeny. False Class 3, we see the tooth wear by interference DENTAL TREATMENT The dentist can detect interference in the bite, important, visible, obvious and serious. These can be removed, wearing, carving, filing the cusps of tooth enamel organs by static. This can produce a relief that the patient does begin to "believe" and trust your dentist.

When the pain is very sharp, intense, which prevents chewing, can not open his mouth enough to work on it, the dentist can be made in Soon a "plate" that sits between the upper central incisors to prevent contact with the molars and the patient from biting on it alone. Is achieved, the muscles relax, the joint fits quickly and decreases muscle spasm pain. It is called anterior deprogrammer. Use alone for 24 hrs. and one week, until you can open your mouth. And he wears as long as possible, especially for sleeping.

You can not use more than 20 days in a row because it gives other problems. Neff plate or anterior deprogrammer. It is used 24 hours to release the contracture and pain.