Desert Planet

Finland bit pop heroes celebrate tenth anniversary, we write the year 2010 and desert planet have all best reason to celebrations ausgelassenstem. It’s a birthday in the House 9 pm records and in the Northern Finland. Desert celebrate its tenth anniversary planet, bit pop pioneers and game score infected electric phenomenon from Rovaniemi/Lapland. And because the Finland trio can look back on a decade of amazing highlights larded, the gentlemen from Rovaniemi do her famous compatriot of Santa Claus and thank their international fanbase with a bag full of multimedia gifts! In April of this year desert have already a multimedia biography on the Web planet, that ever any possibly emerging questions. A virtual subway ride with all important stations in the band’s history is found under.

Besides also still highly informative and absolutely worth seeing. So much to gift no. 1 gift no. 2 shows for the umpteenth time the apparently never dwindling Output of the Lords Tarkiainen, Mikkola and Faldhy. A complete concept album as a free download for the world’s then-starved fans. The download can be found also on the mentioned Milkyway underground “-page.” Of course that may have been not all! Not in a formation like desert planet, which for good reason the acclaimed live acts of the genre include.

With friendly support which we were no. 3 at present–the German-Finnish society and the Finnish Embassy in Berlin, desert get planet on a two-week tour of Germany to celebrate with their German & Finnish fans in this country. This already calls in advance to sold out clubs. Never miss! As the culmination of her ten-year work, the three Finns now also finally create an album that unites almost all their titles out of print some years on an album. That has nothing to do with best-of for once “-rip off to do.” Extra ball”can be found on, finally back on physical sound carriers, the painful missing numbers early again. “Including its probably most popular Title asteroid Hopper”. In the year 2000 in above YouTube times the network forced the server of the University of Rovaniemi in the knee so. The 300,000 hits were too much in a very short time then but a shovel. Despite a relatively long time, listening to is a real pleasure. “Not only the desert planet a real knack for catchy” pop anthems have, they understand it also is almost brilliant by the 8-bit music history to quote. Always amusing cross references that should put a smile on the face of course above all the game score Nerd or C64 veterans. Still, otherwise may be pleased! The 19 pieces are easy on the piece you hear and above all extremely danceable! A deeper grip in the big pinata of electronic spinners without lapsing into nerve end specialism. Martti Trillitzsch