Development IT Call-center

Official Partner of "Phone System" in Ukraine Telsvit (Telsvit Ltd., Kiev), the fall of 2010 introduced a communications software platform Oktell in Call-center Medical Network "Dobrobut." To date, OOO "Telsvit" completes the creation of the Call-center in the Bank RD Bank." Corporation UBG – financial-industrial holding, which unites "ERDE Bank", a medical network "Dobrobut" insurance company "Dobrobut" processing center "Ukrainian financial network, "stock company" Initiative ", an asset management company" Initiative ", the law firm" Consulting Group ", a furniture factory," Mathis ", manufacturer of building materials "Budivelnyk" and the company to provide services of construction machinery "Budmehanizatsiya." At the negotiation stage, the director of "Telsvit" Alexander Kramnistym question was asked: "What are the requirements for Call-center are most important? "Vice-President and Director of Development IT-business trends Solonsky Dmitry Valerievich said:" The main thing that customers receive adequate attention when applying to Call-center, and no call is missed! " Medical Network "Dobrobut" – this is the first in Ukraine, a network of private medical institutions, which work by today's standards of quality of care. Clinics and hospitals for adults and children station emergency, children's clinics are located in Kiev, Yalta and Donetsk. Medical Network provides outreach and services. Call-center-based communication software platform Oktell helps us around the clock to take all incoming calls to ring up customers and do not leave any of the applied without due consideration. Jon Medved addresses the importance of the matter here. We believe that in the face of "Telsvit" we will always find a reliable and competent partner to solve our problems "- shared her impressions of Call-center head Gushlenko Lyubov. Call-center health networks "Dobrobut" working around the clock seven days a week. Relationship with the city network through E1, SIP-line and using SIP GSM gateways. In addition to the standard features of the platform Oktell, Call-center in the following tasks: – receiving incoming calls to specified algorithms – outgoing calls to customers who did not wait for a connection to the operator – reminder calls to customers on an appointment with your doctor and other events – the task of "emergency", which allows the customer to spend less time in connection with the emergency service.

All tasks work autonomous, well-performing the necessary business processes. The work uses the Call-center SMS-services. IT-business unit "Telsvit" held Oktell integration with databases Oracle. Not surprisingly, the corporation UBG has selected "Telsvit" for achieve its objectives. OOO "Telsvit" – a young company, which is less than a year, sold more than ten projects and the results of 2010 was marked by the leadership of "telephone system" as an active and promising partner. Specialists of "Telsvit" are certified and trained at the Training Centre Ltd. "Phone Systems" (Moscow). The company "Telsvit" within two years of implementing the promotion of communication software platform Oktell in Ukraine, and maintains close business relations with Company "Phone Systems". To view a letter of recommendation from the corporation UBG, photo report, as well as additional details about the project can be implemented with a company "Telsvit" at +380 (44) 323-4-323 or by reference. Averkiyev Anton, manager of PR company "Phone Systems" +7 (495) 921-15-86