Diabetes Mellitus

For diagnosis an associated more intense clinical comment to a laboratorial search and for resources of image would be necessary. To put this affirmation can be contested, therefore many contraceptives verbal reduce expression of the symptoms of the hirsutismo, and was told that 50% of the questioned women make use of some verbal contraceptive. In it finishes analysis, it is verified that of the questioned women, 34% affirm not to have difficulty to engravidar and 46% do not have knowledge. Already 30% tell that they possess difficulty to engravidar, to put only 13% had made use of some type of ovulao inductor. In relation to the knowledge on treatment of infertility for ovulao inductors, 54% of the participants of the research, had told to know somebody that already carried through some treatment of infertility with the medicine use that induces the ovulao, to put of this percentage, 26% evolved the gestation for spontaneous abortion, and 28% had had the normal pregnancy tie the nineth month. Excessively the success or failure of the gestation is unaware of.

44% possesss in the family somebody with Diabetes Mellitus, 30% do not have nobody of its kinship that reveals the illness and 26% are unaware of. In such a way, it is necessary that these carry through greater search on its fertility, in order to effect the adequate if necessary treatment. 6.CONSIDERAES FINAL With the attainment of the data harvested in questionnaire can be inquired that the majority of the women in fertile age, beyond not knowing, presents some symptoms of the SOP. The citrate of clomifeno is an inductor of ovulao sufficiently used, therefore it possesss a positive result and it has low cost. Also it is used metformina and its indication becomes related it women with SOP that do not answer to the citrate of clomifeno. This also can be managed together in such a way with the citrate of clomifeno.