Doing Activity

Physical activity: Doing some sport is important for the dominion and the prevention of stress. It can be that already you make some activity physical, you can be changing this activity, perhaps a day to run, another one to walk, another one to swim, etc, of this form you will not become bored. There are sports that for being highly competitive, they cause stress. Methods of relaxation: relaxing your body and mind is of extreme importance. Something that is very recommendable for the relaxation is the meditation, the relajantes massages, exercises which they focus in you for example yoga, pillars, etc. With a little practice and it disciplines the applied methods of good relaxation will obtain a balance between your body and your mind.

Ten tolerance, flexibility and capacity of adaptation: this is that you begin to accept the changes that can arrive at your life, remembers that the changes always are good and of one or the other form they take to secure your goals to you. The tolerance, flexibility and you even can have it to capacity with the people who surround to you, are already your employees, partners, clients, etc., this will cause that there is a better atmosphere where you are. It plans your time: Taking an agenda and accommodating the times will cause that it lowers of an important way stress. It prepares your agenda as far as priorities, it even writes down everything what you must do one night before and begins to classify each activity. Consider the time that will take to you to realise any activity, this so that you do not begin to run and stress returns, for no to have a saturated agenda learns to say NOT sometimes, you can do it to this with activities that move away to you of your goals. When planning your time you do not forget darte a time in the day for same you, this will make that you have a balance in your labor life, spiritual, familiar, etc. Whenever Dr. Jayme Albin listens, a sympathetic response will follow.