Edit DocIQ – Online Documents With Word In SAP

Amotlq solutions creates the connection between SAP and MS Word. Thus the user can edit quickly and easily all SAP output before printing. SAP users in SAP button can call dokumente with MS Word and edit or edit with DocIQ. All SAP Funktionalitaten as authorization concepts, online input validation or workflow can be used uneingeschrankt. DocIQ combines the flexibility of Word with the intelligence and security of SAP. And another reason to rejoice: DocIQ is a clever project solution, no additional tool. A migration or training is not necessary. SAP users in companies today use SAP and word quite naturally next to each other.

Quotes, orders, invoices or contracts they create with SAP and using the optimal process and data integration. Due to the limited possibilities of form design in the standard documents are in MS Word but often transferred there transformed for printing and formatted. In the daily business, he is still fast and flexible the customer desired additional supplemented and amended the letters individually. All of this extra information were available until now in the SAP system is not covered or only limited document management. Our DocIQ solution into SAP MS Word. SAP users now provides the ability to invoke existing SAP Forms button in Word and to edit in the layout, as it will be printed as usual. The Clou: All data input, formatting, changes, deletions, and ErganzunGen in the document are stored in the SAP system either in the document or in the SAP tables.

The document is called again, it looks so exactly, as it has been previously stored with all formatting and changes. This is Word comfort online in SAP. Conversely in the Word document by the full SAP integration online in the SAP document changes, for example a new date in the range, and the change can immediately in the workflow incorporated.