'Widows hump', 'widow's hump' adipose hump, hump menopause, the withers. I think many women are familiar with this phenomenon, but rather, the disease. In the area of the neck is formed seal, which not only looks looks bad, but it also creates some discomfort in his movements. On top of this 'hump' and still raises blood pressure, increases fatigue (the reason – not the correct distribution of load on the spine), leads to gipotonusu muscles. I'm sure all those who suffer from this disease would like to get rid of it.

So what is it – the 'widow's hump'? How can we prevent the development of the seals? How to get rid of it? Let's face it. Thus, occurs in the withers of the seventh cervical vertebra and, in most cases, is a reaction in response to the defeat of the cervical spine. Doctors say this as the formation of Endocrinology. 'Gorbik', according to doctors, it formation, bone and muscle-joint (muscle spasm, shortening the connective tissue, arthritis of the vertebral-costal joints). While we are young and mobile, all right.

But with age, our spine loses its former mobility and cushioning. Cleaned intervertebral discs and vertebrae sit on each other, causing pain and various pathologies. Seventh cervical vertebra is a kind of 'border guard' between breast and cervical spine. The increase in body weight and, consequently, the load on the spine and leads to moving the strain vertebra. A classic example of a chronic overload injury – damage to the supraspinatus tendon (Muscle in the upper half). At the beginning of the disease is swelling of the tendon, followed by small hemorrhages. Then the bleeding sites are replaced by fibrous tissue. On the border of dense fibrous tissue and elastic collagen fibers, a new trauma, which is also replaced by fibrosis. And so on … In the end, after 4-15 years fibrotizirovannoe dense tendon ruptures at the slightest load. When you overload muscle fibers fibrous easy toil with a reduction in muscle mass and basic … the process has begun! Dense tissue at the site of lesion, in most cases, prevents the formation of blood capillaries, thus nutrition of the brain is reduced. Hence, fatigue and lethargy. Organism in response to malnutrition of the brain, increases heart rate and blood pressure. Hence, high blood pressure. As can be seen, 'widow hill ', itself being a consequence of the spine, is often the cause of other diseases. Therefore, for treatment of the withers should be approached carefully and comprehensively. Menopausal hill quite effectively treated with massage and manual therapy. More on this later. Since there is a compensatory withers, and then fixed at the front middle and instability nizhnesheynogo department suffers from this and lumbar spine. Consequently the treatment of this potalogii prvilno therapy include the pelvis, abdomen, chest, abdomen and adjacent to the affected area muscles. Complex and lengthy massage in this case proved to be extremely effectively. More information about the massage back, read the article 'Trust massage! " In addition to massage recommended weight loss and a gradual increase in movement of the cervical spine. As a precaution 'hump' logically stable and recommended the maintenance of normal weight, healthy physical activity, more positive emotions and less stress. If you are concerned about this disease, please consult and order massage in website or by telephone.